OVR Trail & Coleman Street

We are pleased to announce that a substantial portion of the trail from Townline Road to Coleman Street has been paved.  Next week, crews will be paving the trail extension along Coleman Street to Queen Street. 

Solar lights have been installed between Franklin Street and Albert Street as a trial. Lighting of the remainder of the trail will likely follow in 2019.

Crews will be completing the placement of topsoil and proceed to hydro seed the area.


Roe Street Extension

Cavanagh Construction crews will be laying granular materials in preparation for paving.  Crews will also be placing topsoil along Roe Street.


High Street

Crews from AECON will be completing landscaping projects along High Street.


Nelson Street East

Crews will be preparing driveways and adjusting iron structures within the roadway in preparation for paving operations.  Landscaping crews will also be repairing areas damaged during construction.


Should a member of the public have any concerns or questions, please contact the Public Works Office (613-257-2253).