The Town of Carleton Place along with all of Eastern Ontario has received record setting snowfall amounts for January 2019 and forecasts for the next number of days indicate further significant amounts of snowfall.

Due to encroaching snowbanks impeding both winter maintenance operations, and the safe passage of Emergency vehicles, under the authority contained in The Traffic and Parking By-Law(46-2003) parking will be prohibited on the even numbered side of all streets, at all times where parking is currently permitted on both sides of the street. This parking restriction will take effect February 14th, 2019 and will continue until further notice. Vehicles found parked on the even numbered side of the street will be subject to a $30 fine and towed to the Library Parking Lot.

This restriction shall be superseded by the Overnight Parking Ban and/or Snow Removal Parking Ban should they be imposed. For more information, please contact the By-Law Department at 613-257-5688, or email at