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Building Department

The Ontario Building Code and related by-laws are enforced to protect the general public, property, our neighbourhood and our environment. We hope to make the process easier by providing detailed information in a step-by-step process for anyone applying for a permit.

The building department is open during regular business hours (Mon-Thurs 8:30am - 4:30pm; Friday 8:30am - 4pm).  For general inquiries contact 613-257-6204.

Contact List for the Development Services Department

Building Officials Code of Conduct

Planning Your Project

It is strongly recommended to speak with staff in the Planning and Development Department prior to applying for a building permit to ensure your proposed construction meets the Town's Development Permit By-law.

Prepare a clear sketch of the proposed work (with a copy of your legal survey is best) then call 613-257-6204 to set-up an appointment to discuss your project further. We hope that by pre-consulting with our staff you will make the best use of your time and money before going into further details, drawings and requirement for an application.

Commercial property owners: for larger commercial type projects you may find this checklist helpful, planning for building code compliance.


Building By-Law 15-2018, Fees and Charges

Town of Carleton Place Building By Law:  By-Law 15-2018

Vacant Lot Development Requirements: Schedule "D" to By-Law 15-2018

Building permit fees and charges are approved by council and are intended to cover the costs to process; general inquiries, applications, plans examination, inspections, office supplies and other related items to enforce the Ontario Building Code and related by-laws.  Please see the link  'By-Law 28-2016' for the full building by-law.

Building Development Fees are applied to all new construction in the Town of Carleton Place (a sewer levy is also charged for new residential units). The charges collected are used towards the cost of various infrastructure which occur as a result of the new development.

Development Fee Exemptions - In some cases, with secondary residential suites, there are development fee and sewer & water fee exemptions.

Lanark County Development Fee Pamphlet


Building Permit Application Kits

The information contained in the application package is there to help you complete your application and help you through the permit approval and inspection process. If you do not follow, complete required forms or provide the necessary drawings and documents the application may not be processed. Use the checklist related to your project.

  • FOR RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS (This package is for any construction or demolition projects involving Single, Semi, Town or Row Housing, rental Triplexes, or associated Accessory Buildings, Woodstoves, Solar, and Pools.)
  • FOR RESIDENTIAL DECK PROJECTS  (This package is for any DECK construction projects involving Single, Semi, Town or Row Housing.)
  • FOR INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL & INSTITUTIONAL PROJECTS (This package is for any construction or demolition projects involving Industrial Commercial & Institutional use Buildings, Rental Apartments (greater than 4 suites) or Condominiums, and associated Signs & Accessory Buildings)

Qualification Guidelines

Since January 2006, the Province of Ontario requires that a person engaged in the business of providing design activities, documents, or opinion in support of a permit application must have the appropriate qualifications. This means that the individual taking responsibility for the design must be registered, have insurance and pass certain exams in order to be assigned a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). You can search individual designers by name or BCIN number on a Provincial public listing at http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/ (QUARTZ).Qualified Designers (Schedule 1 of the application)

If you are a homeowner of a single, semi-detached or townhouse and are familiar with how to draw architectural drawings and understand the OBC regulations, you may be able to provide the designs in support of a building permit application. Even though this exemption exists in the Ontario Building Code (Div C Part 3) a permit may not be granted if drawings are unclear, non-compliant or missing information. If you are unsure about how to draw your proposed work it is best to hire a qualified designer for your home renovation. With a qualified designer, you will be more successful at completing your application, providing complete and code compliant drawings, therefore, completing the permit review process faster.

For more information on when a designer, architect or engineer is required for your project you may use this guide "qualification guidelines".


Booking Inspections

Once you have a building permit you are responsible for requesting the inspections listed on your permit.

When you are ready to request an inspection you can call the number(s) provided on your permit.   Be prepared to give the permit number, civic address, your name and phone number for our reference. The Province requires a Municipality to provide an inspection within 48 business hours of the request.

Please note:  Inspections cannot be booked by leaving a message and are not booked for a specific time. Always ensure someone in the building department has confirmed your inspection request.   Typically inspections are booked between 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm, Monday through Friday.  We do our best to provide the inspection within the confirmed 2 hour time frame, however, due to on-site anomalies inspections may be delayed.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers