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Building Department

In Ontario, new building construction and additions, or basic renovations and demolitions, or also the change of a buildings use are all regulated by the Building Code Act of Ontario. 

If you are a property owner, or a contractor, it is essential to understand your rights and legal obligations regarding Building Permit requirements, and the permit application process, before beginning any project. 

So welcome to the Town of Carleton Place Building Department webpage, lets get started…

Are you completely new to the Building Permit Process? 

Have a look at our Frequently asked Questions and Answers for valuable background information. 

We would also be happy to sit down and discuss your project with you. Our office is located in the municipal office at 175 Bridge St. The best time to just drop in and chat with one of our building officials about your project is in the mornings, or we can schedule to meet you in the afternoon as well. Call us at 613 257-6204 to book an appointment.  Our office hours are Monday - Thursday, 8:30am - 4:30pm; Friday 8:30am - 4pm. You can send us a e-mail anytime to public e-mail address for general questions or concerns about construction. 

Permit Application, Approvals and Building Inspection, three easy steps….

Step #1 – Planning your project 

  • Refer to the Development Services - Planning page for information on the Town's Office Plan and Development Permit By-law as well as development permit, part lot control and severance applications.

Helpful Tip: Save time and money by discussing your project plans with the Planning Department before you apply for your building permit.

Step #2 – Applying for your Building Permit 

Step #3 – Booking your Building Inspections

Step #1 – Planning Your Project

Please contact staff in the Planning and Development Department prior to applying for a building permit to ensure your proposed construction meets the Town's Development Permit By-law. 

Prepare a clear sketch of the proposed work (with a copy of your legal survey is best) then call 613-257-6204 to set-up an appointment to discuss your project further. We hope that by pre-consulting with our staff you will make the best use of your time and money before going into further details, drawings and requirement for an application.

Commercial property owners: for larger commercial type projects you may find this planning for building code compliance checklist helpful.

Step #2 – Applying for your Building Permit

Homeowner renovations, additions, decks and pools - Information and building permit application kits for homeowners; 

Building Professionals and Commercial, Industrial or Institutional - Information and building permit applications for builders;

  Complete Packages – Detailed packages of various forms need for

   Individual Forms – found in the Building Reference Library

Our Building Reference Library is where we store the quick links to a collection of Regulations, Standards and other resource information for your use. We are constantly adding to this collection, so each time you visit our site take a look.

Step #3 – Booking your Building Inspections

Scheduling Building Inspections

Inspections must be booked at least one business day in advance, and cannot be booked by leaving a message or sending an e-mail to any building department staff, as that person you may be trying to contact could be away from the office for a few days.   

When you are ready to book an inspection call (613) 257-6204.   Please be prepared to advise our staff the following; 

  • the type of inspection you are requesting
  • the permit number listed on the permit
  • the civic address of where the project is located (not lot number)
  • your name and a phone number a building inspector can reach you at during the day on when you requested the inspection for. 

When you call, our staff will advise you if a next day inspection is possible, if not we will book you for the following business day.  

Although the province requires a Municipality to provide an inspection within 2 business days of the request, we strive to conduct inspections on the next business day.  However, if you can book a few days in advance, it would be advisable particularly during the busy summer months.

In Ontario it is illegal to proceed with construction if an inspection has not been performed….read more 

On your permit card is a list of specific required building inspections you are responsible for requesting as your project proceeds. Or click here for a list of all required building inspections (but some may not apply to your project, so check your permit card, or call us if unsure.)