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Construction Update - August 30th

The Town of Carleton Place together with AECON would like to inform residents of the following activities planned for the coming days:

Work is continuing on High Street and AECON’s crews will continue deepening and replacing the storm sewer between Moffatt Street and Joseph Street.  Due to the deepening of the storm sewer, individual service connections may need to be altered.  AECON will be informing residents, if and when, their individual service connections could be affected.  AECON crews have also begun replacing several catch basins within the designated construction zone.   

With children returning to school, the Town of Carleton Place and AECON are urging parents to avoid using the construction areas as your route to and from school and to keep children away from the construction zones.  The appeal of construction vehicles is tempting to curious children but for safety reasons we are requesting children stay away from the construction zones.

AECON and the Town of Carleton Place request your assistance in ensuring safe and efficient work zones.  However, should residents be travelling within the construction zones, we urge you to proceed with caution and follow the directions provided by the Traffic Control persons and posted construction signage.