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Bodnar Subdivision Stormwater Management System

Recently there has been much discussion within the community as to the effectiveness of the planned stormwater system for the Bodnar subdivision.  To review, in 2016, the Developer suggested it would be best if the stormwater system for their subdivision was designed to include other adjacent properties and was constructed with a SWM facility on the Town’s property in Roy Brown Park.  Further, it was suggested that the Developer provide cash in lieu of parkland for this subdivision as sufficient parkland was available adjacent to the subdivision. 

To settle this fundamental design assumption, the Developer paid a $3,500 fee and submitted a DP4 application to the Town.  The DP4 process allows a developer to get a decision from the Town on a fundamental design question so that the design for the complete application can proceed with the assurance that the fundamental assumption is valid.  

During 2016, there was considerable public input and analysis of several options for a stormwater system.  Options were compared and on August 16, 2016, Council agreed that the best option for a stormwater system was the option that placed the SWM pond in Roy Brown Park.  This option was selected because the pond would be removed from the river, outlets would be as far upstream as possible, it would be more accessible and it would reduce the cost to tax payers. Part of this decision also included requiring the Developer to compensate the Town for the value of the property that would be occupied by the SWM pond. Based on this decision, the Developer then proceeded to prepare a complete subdivision application.

Even though the location of the stormwater management pond was settled in 2016, many details related to the stormwater system design need to be determined.  Typically, municipal staff and the expertise at the MVCA complete the review of a Developer’s detailed stormwater system design.  However, given the sensitivity of this project, the Town has engaged an independent stormwater expert (that was selected by the Urban Forest River Corridor Committee) to provide a peer review of the detail stormwater system design.  The MCVA and staff (based on the peer reviewer comments) have now finalized the draft conditions that should be imposed on the Developer.  Staff are confident that when the Developer follows these conditions the resulting stormwater system will meet all the regulations of the Source Water Protection Committee, the MOECC and the MCVA and will adequately protect the Town’s drinking water supply. 

Ontario has some of the strictest regulations in the world to protect drinking water and the draft subdivision conditions include specific requirements that the developer will need to satisfy. Before the stormwater system for the Bodnar subdivision is constructed and put into operation, all of these draft conditions will need to be satisfied and the detailed design will be reviewed and endorsed by the Town’s expert peer review engineer, reviewed and approved by MVCA, reviewed endorsed by the Source Water Protection Committee, and finally reviewed and approved by the Environmental Approvals Branch of MOECC.   The MOECC will then issue an Environmental Compliance Certificate.  Only after all of these approvals can construction of the stormwater system proceed.   This will ensure that the Town’s drinking water is protected.