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Official 2014 Municipal Election Results 

Any questions regarding the official results can be directed to the Clerk, Duncan Rogers, at:

613-257-6211 or drogers@carletonplace.ca.

A complete breakdown of the vote tally by voting station.

The Official 2014 Municipal Election results are as follows, with a 47% voter turnout:

Voting Stations 27 of 27 Reporting

Position of Mayor (1):

 Candidate  Official Vote Tally (Overall) Status 
 Antonakos, Louis 1,903  Elected
 LeBlanc, Wendy J. 1,641  


Position of Deputy Mayor (1):

 Candidate  Official Vote Tally (Overall)  Status
 Flynn, Jerry 2,156  Elected
 Probert, Rob 1,311  


Members of Council (5):


 Candidate  Official Vote Tally (Overall)          Status  
 Armstrong, Brandon 216  
 Black, Doug 1,699  Elected
 Brazeau, Gordon 170  
 Carriere, Kathryn 1,276  
 Doucette, Brian 1,641  Elected
 Fritz, Theresa M. 1,436  Elected
 Gerbac, Carolyn 795  
 Maltais, François 321  
 Miller, Lorey 488  
 Redmond, Sean T. 1,440  Elected
 Snedden, Doug 933  
 Strike, Gary 1,344  
 Tennant, Andrew Roy 1,235  
 Trimble, Ross 1,387  Elected
 Wutherich, Claudia  557  


 Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (Lanark County)

 Candidate                      Official Vote Tally (Carleton Place)         Status     
 Kirby, Nancy  N/A  Acclaimed


Upper Canada District School Board (Beckwith, Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills

 Candidate        Official Vote Tally (Carleton Place)  Status
 Cram, Donald 1,120  Elected
 Monteith, Bruce 729  
 Rogers, Craig 661  


Conseil Des Ecoles Catholiques De Langue Francise De Centre-Est

 Candidate                          Official Vote Tally (Carleton Place)                     Status
 Tremblay, Anouk  N/A  Acclaimed


Counseil des Ecoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario

 To see the results of the Counseil des Ecoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario please click here.

 Candidate              Official Vote Tally (Carleton Place)  Status
 Stitt, Colette  24  Elected
 Yonkeu, Andre  14