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Buddy Bags

A team building - get to know you - activity for CP Town Hall staff. Participation is completely voluntary.

Simply complete the form below and submit. Buddies will be randomly selected via a draw. You will be provided with your buddy's form. It is up to you to decide what to surprise them with. Limit for buddy bag purchase(s) is $20.

A completed form is required by Tuesday, October 4th at 12 noon to be included.

We will draw names at our Thanksgiving potluck on October 5th for you to find out who your buddy is. If you are away for the potluck, Stacey will draw a name for you and will email you with your buddy’s name. Bags are to be delivered anytime between October 6th and 14th.

This is a way to brighten your buddy’s day in whatever unique and clever ways you can without being detected.  The goal is not to have your cover blown until October 14th.  On October 14th we will gather in the auditorium (time TBD) where we can try and guess who our buddies are and at that time all buddies be revealed.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Stacey.

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