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Delegations to Council

Delegations to Council are primarily ceremonial in nature. Delegations presenting information of a public works, planning or financial nature will be directed to the appropriate Committee of Council.

Persons wishing to present information to Council are requested to present a written summation to the Clerk no less than five days (Wednesday) prior to the desired meeting of Council. Please fill out the application form to request to appear before Council. This application should be  completed detailing the request and forwarded by hand or e-mail to the Clerk at drogers@carletonplace.ca  Additional information may be attached to the application.

Delegations appearing before Council will be listed on the Agenda of Council and shall be limited to speaking not more than ten minutes. Delegations of more than five persons shall be limited to two speakers, each limited to speaking not more than five minutes.

Delegations wishing to present a power point presentation are responsible to bring the memory stick to the Council meeting.