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FoodCycler Pilot Program

Image of a food cycler unitThe Town of Carleton Place has partnered with Food Cycle Science to implement a waste diversion Pilot Program by offering a FoodCycler™ at a reduced rate to interested residents.

The diversion of food and organic waste away from landfill is one way that communities like Carleton Place can significantly reduce household emissions of CO2e that contribute to climate change. The purpose of this Pilot Program is to measure the viability of onsite food waste processing technology as a method of waste diversion the Town can use to meet its environmental goals, provide residents with another tool to reduce their household's carbon footprint, and extend the life of landfill facilities.

The FoodCycler™ is an electric appliance that offers in-home, countertop processing of food waste that is comparable in CO2e emissions to central composting (minus transportation costs and emissions) and backyard composting (if done correctly). Regular use of the appliance should not cost more than $4 per month in electricity and offers a >95% reduction in CO2e emissions compared to sending food waste to landfill.

As a general guide, the following items can be processes with your FoodCycler™

Image showing items that can be processed with a FoodCycler™

Resident Guide

Food Cycle Science has created this guide as a resource to you during your participation in the Pilot Program. In the following pages, you will find an FAQ section, and itemized list of items you can process with your FoodCycler™️ and a table you can use to track the number of cycles done with the FoodCycler™️ over the pilot period.

Carleton Place FoodCycler™️ Resident Guide

Application for the FoodCycler™ Pilot Program

The Town is offering 100 Carleton Place households the opportunity to participate in a 12-week Pilot Program by providing the household with one (1) FoodCycler™ unit (one (1) per household) at a reduced rate of $150 (plus tax) as a partnership with Food Cycle Science and the Federal Government.

After the 12-week pilot period, a mandatory survey, which includes a usage report, is required to be completed by participants.

Once your registration has been received, the Program Administrator will contact you via email to arrange for payment and pickup of your unit.

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting applications for the Pilot Program. All units have been reserved and the waitlist is now full. Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in the program.