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Jeff Atkinson

Councillor Image of Councillor Jeff Atkinson and his dog Daisy

Contact Information

Email: jatkinson@carletonplace.ca




  • Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority



Like more and more of the people who live in Carleton Place, I wasn't born and raised here. I chose to make CP my hometown. I was drawn to the small-town vibe, the natural beauty, and the forward-looking spirit I discovered while looking for a new home after living and working in Ottawa for 30 years. It was a very good choice.

I still work in the city – I commute back and forth almost every day – building education programs and delivering education services for Canada's labour unions. For nearly 20 years before that, I provided communications, media and public relations work for the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, with a brief stint in between as the legislative assistant to a Member of Parliament.

I was born and raised in small-town, rural Ontario, in what is now the municipality of Chatham-Kent. Like most people who grew up in places like that, I have never lost touch with the people and visit as often as I have the chance.

My values were formed there, shaped and polished by years away at university and college, living in a large and diverse city, and working for the people who make Canada possible -- its farmers and its workers. But it's the people who take those possibilities and build great things with them that I have come to truly appreciate. And I see more and more of those people coming to Carleton Place, starting businesses, starting families or just starting the next chapter of their lives.

Odds are you've seen me around town, walking my bulldog Daisy along Bridge Street or along the trails by the river, or you’ve seen me enjoying some food and drink at the great places downtown, where I live.

You're always welcome to stop and chat with me about any issues you are having with local government, questions about what’s going on at our Town Hall, or to share your ideas about how we can keep Carleton Place growing in the right direction. I was elected on a promise to be accessible and available — a promise I intend to keep.

It's our town: let's build it together.