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Nature Trails & Walking Paths

Self-Guided Walking Tours
Grab a copy of the Self Guided Walking Tours and enjoy a day taking in the sights and
sounds of Carleton Place! Enjoy a historic nature walking tour and/or historic heritage
building walking tour down Bridge Street. Copies are available at the Carleton Place
Arena or Carleton Place Visitor’s Centre.

Mississippi RiverWalk
This nature trail runs from Princess Street to Anthony Curro Park. This is Nature Trail
#1 on the self guided Walking Tour. This trail is perfect for the history buff, or anyone
wanting to learn a bit more about our town’s unique location. Enjoy the smells, sights
and sounds of the Mississippi River.

O-Kee-Lee Nature Trail
A spacious nature trail, perfect for dog-walking or jogging. Enter the O-Kee-Lee Trail
via Centennial Park and enjoy a riverview seat on the benches along the trail.

OVRT Trail
Formerly the Canadian Pacific Railway track, the OVRT Trail runs from Smith’s Falls to
Mattawa. This multiuse trail welcomes patrons on foot, wheels, skis and hooves alike.
With several beautiful look outs and several access points throughout the Carleton
Place stretch, this is the perfect trail for an outdoor adventure.

Riverside Trail
Discover the historic Carleton Place Canoe Club, learn about the downtown core, and
finish up at the scenic town boat launch.

Rotary Centennial Trail
Enjoy a 7 km stroll along the Mississippi, connecting the village of Appleton to
Carleton Place. This trail runs just below the McNeely Avenue Bridge at Highway 29 to
the junction of Hillcrest Drive and River Road in Appleton.

Roy Brown Park Trail
This trail has been extended in length to approximately a 3km loop. You’re invited to
come for a walk or run in our newest park and take in the tranquil beauty.

Sonnenburg Woods
Located at 15 Bates Drive, this is a natural, non-maintained trail. Whether you’re
walking or bird watching; this is the perfect trail to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Trans-Canada Trail
The Trans Canada Trail is a 18,078 km recreational corridor winding its way through
every province and territory, linking 800 communities on route. The local section
of this trail starts at the intersection of McNeely Avenue at Cavanagh Road. Parking