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Council Meeting Highlights - April 22 2020

Council authorized proceeding with a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Town of Carleton Place.  A CIP is used for a broad range of projects aimed at rehabilitating and revitalizing targeted areas within a community. Project areas range from specific properties to streets, neighbourhoods and entire communities.  The CIP Council agreed to proceed with will address the assessment, remediation and redevelopment of brownfields sites within the boundaries of Carleton Place.  Brownfield properties are vacant or underutilized places where past industrial or commercial activities may have left contamination (chemical pollution) behind.  Examples of brownfields sites include properties where factories and gas stations once existed.  Council directed staff to submit an application to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund to pay for up to 50% of the cost of the CIP. The balance of the CIP cost will be paid through Development Charges and from the Town’s overall 2020 surplus if any or through reserves.


The Town will be participating with the County of Lanark and other municipalities within the County in a joint insurance Request For Proposal. Council also agreed to seek expert advice at a cost not to exceed $10,000, to assist the Town in this endeavor by hiring a consultant to help draft the terms of reference that will be issued and in examining the submissions once received. The Town has historically maintained an insurance policy period of June to June.  Cowan has agreed to issue a policy term for June to December 2020 thereby aligning our policy term to that of Lanark County and the other municipalities and allowing the Town to join with the group.  By participating in a joint RFP, it is hoped this will increase the group’s buying power and result in better insurance pricing.  In addition, a calendar year policy will also allow for more accurate budgeting for the Town. 


Council received the following reports as information:

  • Council Remuneration Report providing a summary of honorariums, per diems, benefits and discretionary expenses of Council for the 2019 calendar year.
  • Annual Repayment Limit which establishes the maximum amount that a municipality in Ontario can pay each year in principal and interest payments for its long-term debt and other long-term financial commitments without first seeking approval of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT).  For 2019, the Town’s ARL was $4,827,196 which is set at 25% of the Town’s annual own-source revenues (such as property taxes, user fees and investment income), less their annual existing long-term debt costs and payments for other long-term financial obligations.
  • Financial Report to March 31, 2020
  • Carleton Place Wastewater System 2019 Annual Report  which is a regulatory requirement of the Town’s Certificate of Approval provided by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for the Town to operate the Carleton Place Wastewater Treatment Facility. The Annual Report is provided by the Town’s operating authority, the Ontario Clean Water Agency, and must be submitted to the District Manager of the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Town.  The report will be posted on the Town’s website.
  • Carleton Place Drinking Water System 2019 Annual Report is a regulatory requirement of Ontario Regulation 170, which must be prepared prior to March 31 of the following calendar year. As the Owner, Council is required to review and accept this report and make it available to the Public.  The report will be posted on the Town’s website.


By-law 39-2020 was passed to approve Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 01-2020.  This OPA includes both text changes and schedule changes to the existing Town’s Official Plan document which:

  • adds a new Section 8 “Secondary Plans” and a new Subsection 8.1 “Highway District Secondary Plan” to ensure that all proposed developments / redevelopments within the Highways 7 and 15 area conform to all Secondary Plan policies.
  • amends Section 2.4 to propose amended gateway locations as outlined in Schedule E of the Secondary Plan and includes policy with respect to guidelines for gateway and wayfinding signage to ensure consistency with Ministry of Transportation future works and standards.

This By-law will be forwarded to the County of Lanark for adoption.