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Council Meeting Highlights - May 12 2020

The Town’s Auditor, Howard Allan, Allan & Partners, LLP provided a report on the Town’s 2019 financial year end.   “The Town of Carleton Place has always enjoyed strong financial management,” says Allan. “It’s fair to say that even though we are in a year where things are very strange, the Town of Carleton Place still made the top 15 in the province for filing its financial return.”  Mr. Allan made note that the rates of taxation in Carleton Place are very competitive compared to other towns within the County and even Eastern Ontario as a whole. Mr. Allan commended the Town on a great year in 2019 and he attributed that success to strong financial management by staff and Council. The Town’s financial statements will be posted on the Town’s website for public viewing on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Mayor Black provided a status update on various municipal items impacted by COVID-19 such as enforcement of provincial orders by By-law Enforcement Staff; use of parks, trails, recreational areas; opening of the Boat Launch at the end of Lake Avenue commencing this Friday, May 15, 2020; and the lifting of the burn ban within the boundaries of the Town Carleton Place.


Council approved development permit application DP3-02-2020 for the property at 7 Arthur Street which has frontage on three streets, fronting on Arthur Street, Lansdowne Ave and Elizabeth Street.  The applicant, Lanark County Housing Corporation, is proposing to construct a 2-storey, 20-unit affordable housing apartment building.  


The 2020 Operating Budget for the Carleton Place Business Improvement Area (BIA) was approved, including the levy, in the amount of $166,403.


Council approved the staff recommendation for the allocation of funds for the first intake of the Community Enrichment Program in the amount of $13,638.47. The total funding available for the 2020 program is $30,000.00. This leaves $16,361.53 remaining for the second intake of the grant program which closes August 31, 2020.


Cale Rowan and Robert Hewitt were officially appointed as Fire Prevention Officers and will be joining the Ocean Wave Fire Company as full-time employees.


Council received final tax rates, along with approved ratios, from the Ministry of Education and the County of Lanark. The Town of Carleton Place has experienced an overall real tax levy increase of 1.97% on the municipal portion of the taxes once assessment changes and growth are accounted for. However, the overall residential tax rate, including education and county rates, has increased by 0.12% for 2020. For a typical home in Carleton Place assessed at $273,750, this means a total increase of $3.84. Council passed By-law 43-2020 2020 to establish 2020 tax rates.


Council passed By-law No. 44-2020 to amend the Interim Control By-law to extend the timeframe to which the by-law applies for a further one (1) year period to May 14, 2021.  Council initially passed Interim Control By-law 51-2019 on May 14, 2019 to prevent the development of stacked townhouse, apartments, triplex and quadplex units in established neighbourhoods in Town for a period of one (1) year to allow a study to be undertaken to review where these types of units should be permitted. The Interim Control By-law is a tool under the Planning Act which allows Councils to put a temporary freeze on some land uses while the municipality is studying or reviewing its policies.