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Notice of Passing of Interim Control Extension Bylaw

TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Town of Carleton Place passed By-law No. 44-2020 on the 12th day of May 2020, under Section 38 of the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, to amend Interim Control By-law 51-2019 for a further one year period from the date of passing, lapsing May 12th, 2021 or repealed by Council at an earlier date.


The extended Interim Control By-law 44-2020 will, for a further period of up to one year, restrict the development of apartment, stacked townhouse, triplex or quadplex dwellings exceeding 28 feet in height (as defined in the Town of Carleton Place Development Permit By-Law 2015-15).

The extended Interim Control By-law will allow the Town to review the results of the comprehensive land use, heritage, built form, neighbourhood analysis study for the effected lands.

The purpose of the study is to provide guidance on the appropriateness of infill developments within the established residential neighbourhoods of Carleton Place. It will allow Staff and Council to understand the impacts of redevelopment and intensification of these areas. The findings of the study will recommend guidelines and policy.

The lands effected by By-law 44-2020 are shown hereunder and as part of Schedule A of the By-law.

For more information regarding this matter, please visit contact the Department of Development Services: 175 Bridge St., Carleton Place, ON, K7C 2V8 – 613-257-6251 – planning@carletonplace.ca.

Dated at the Town of Carleton Place this 14th day of May 2020.