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Dual Stream Recycling Information

Residents should have received a new yellow bin from Emterra along with promotional information including a calendar to help with the transition. The distribution of bins to multi-residential properties (5 or more units) will occur at a later date as we are currently working with property owners to address their specific needs.

Digital version of calendar and guidelines

Moving forward, residents can continue to use their existing blue bins provided the material in the bin matches the correct collection each week (paper products one week - containers the following week) as only one yellow bin will be provided to each property.

Residents are also encouraged to download the free Carleton Place Waste Solutions App for all your waste collection information.

Effective August 17th, your material will be left behind and not collected if it is not properly sorted.

There will be some changes residents need to be aware of:

•    Food grade plastic containers will be accepted but they must be clean and free of any residue;

•    Plastic bags and plastic film will NO longer be accepted;

•    Black plastic will NOT be accepted as it interferes with the processing equipment. Please Note - residents are still allowed to use black plastic garbage bags for their food and unrecyclable waste. When we refer to black plastic we are referring to black plastic recyclables (for example, the bottom of a rotisserie chicken container).

The Town of Carleton Place looks forward to working with Emterra Environmental for next several years.