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Anti-Idling By-law

Anti-Idling - A Message from the Carleton Place Environmental Advisory Committee - Drivers in Carleton Place may have seen some new signs around town recently. That is because Carleton Place Town Council passed a new Anti-Idling By-law to help reduce unnecessary idling.

The idea behind the by-law is simple. If most Canadian drivers limited idling to three minutes a day, over the course of a year, 1.4 million fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions would go into the atmosphere. Fewer air pollutants would also be released.

Reducing idling would save money, as well. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Many drivers mistakenly believe it is more harmful to turn off their engine and re-start it than to idle. Studies have shown that restarting the engine numerous times has little impact on components like the battery and starter motor.

Many vehicle components will only warm up when the vehicle is moving. No more than 30 seconds of idling is needed, even on the coldest of days, to get the oil circulating through the engine.

We hope that everyone will do their part to reduce CO2 emissions, improve our air quality, and save money at the same time. Remember, idling gets you nowhere.