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A Message from Mayor Black

With the recent release of information from the Health Unit regarding the outbreak in our area, as well as a positive case of a variant of concern in our region, I can understand why anxiety levels in the general community are high right now.

We have been relatively fortunate in our area until recently with case numbers being low in comparison to other regions and this sense of security can contribute to a rise in numbers when people start letting their guard down.

I know that fatigue is setting in regarding following public health measures and that many of us miss social interactions with friends and family.  However, I cannot stress enough that it is critical that residents continue to follow public health measures as outlined by the Health Unit.

Receiving a positive diagnosis is a significantly stressful situation. Respecting privacy and refraining from gossiping about suspected cases is of the utmost importance during this difficult time. Not only is it demonstrating compassion towards those who are navigating their way through a stressful and scary situation, but it limits the spread of misinformation and unnecessary fear in the community.

We have gotten through this pandemic so far by sticking together as a community and that is how we will get through this stage as well. Please stay vigilant. Offer support when you can. Stay home. Wear a mask if you need to go out. Limit close contact to your own household. Stay 6 feet away from others in public areas. Wash your hands. The guidelines are simple, but they only work if we all do our part.

Please know that it’s ok to not feel ok. If you or someone you know would benefit from speaking with someone, Lanark County Mental Health has a Pandemic Health Line that you can call at 1-833-283-9979. They are available to offer support without shame or judgement.

Rest assured we will continue to work closely with the Health Unit and advise of any updates, including the availability and location for our pending vaccinations. In the interim, let’s all do our best and be kind to one another.