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Mayor Black - Message in Support of Ukraine

Mayor Black read the following statement this evening in support of Ukraine:

It remains my understanding that my following comments spoken by a Russian citizen within Russia could see a prison term of 15 years, and all council members would be joining me.

It was my expectation that sometime in March I would be thanking the residents of Carleton Place for all their support as we appear to be heading out of the mandated  pandemic health measures. Our vaccination rates are the highest in Ontario - - what a compliment to everyone.

Instead, a dark cloud of tyranny continues to stretch itself in unwanted territory, and now we are asking ourselves where does this madness end and how. When multi-national firms are prepared to lose money on their Russian investments you know we are in a serious situation.

A territory with an established democracy, a sovereign state adhering to the fundamental desire shared throughout the world, the right to elect a government of your choice.

I am sure we all share the feeling that the news is hard to watch these past days. The unjustifiable attack on Ukraine and the freedom of its people is appalling.

We are seeing families separated, parents worrying about the safety of their children, and the mobilization of forces who are risking their lives to fight an unnecessary war.

I will say, the resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of danger and oppression is commendable and our thoughts are with everyone who is impacted by these events.

Carleton Place Council stands firmly in support of the Ukrainian people, locally, nationally, and internationally and wholeheartedly supports the Federal Government’s initiatives to impose sanctions against the Russian Government in an effort to bring an end to this senseless attack.