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Construction Update – June 2nd, 2022

The Town of Carleton Place Public Works Department strives to keep our residents informed of all our construction activities however, schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, changes in the provision of materials and/or availability of staff.  The following activities are upcoming this week:

Bridge Street Reconstruction Project

Lake Avenue to College Street – Starting next week, electrical crews will be on-site in this part of Bridge Street to install concrete bases for the new streetlight fixtures.

College Street to Emily Street – Electrical crews will also be in this section of Bridge Street to continue with the installation of the electrical conduits and bases for the new streetlight fixtures. The Carleton Place Public Works Department and Louis Bray will be partnering next week to replace two (2) water valves mid-week within this section. Any properties affected by this work will be notified in advance.

Emily Street to Allan Street – Louis Bray will be replacing catchbasins within this section next week. Additionally, crews will be removing the sidewalks on the west side of Bridge Street.

Central Bridge Reconstruction Project

Micropile installation is expected to be completed on the south abutment this week. Formwork will begin on this abutment once the micropile work is complete. Crews will also be creating the forms for concrete on the north abutment.

To meet crucial dates for certain critical tasks on this project, it is anticipated that Louis Bray will be extending the hours they will be working on the Central Bridge including working Saturdays as needed.

Munro Street (Moore Street to Rochester Street)

Cavanagh Construction will begin construction activities on Munro Street, starting with the removal of the existing asphalt next week.  Crews will also be excavating materials and laying new granular material.

Moffatt Street (Townline Road to McKenzie Street)

Cavanagh Construction will be removing the existing sidewalks and excavating materials.  Once complete, crews will be constructing the forms for the installation of new concrete curbs and sidewalks.  Residents should have already received notification and contact information from Cavanagh Construction regarding access to driveways and walkways while concrete work is being completed.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our projects, please call (613) 257-2253.