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Construction Update – September 15th, 2022

The Town of Carleton Place Public Works Department would like to remind residents that weather conditions and supply of materials can have the potential to impact construction schedules and objectives for the week ahead.  Activities anticipated for the upcoming week include the following:

Bridge Street Revitalization

Concrete crews will be continuing with the construction of the raised planter bases and concrete sidewalk installations on the east side of Bridge Street. Louis Bray’s staff will be reinstating as much on-street parking as possible for the weekend, but with multiple operations happening during the work week, it is anticipated that on-street parking will once again be limited through next week.

Louis Bray’s staff will also be working in conjunction with the concrete crews to provide temporary ramps to businesses as quickly as possible as sidewalks are poured.

Louis Bray and the Town of Carleton Place acknowledge and understand this recent phase of the project has been difficult for residents and businesses alike.  We truly appreciate your cooperation, patience and understanding as we complete this critical stage of the Bridge Street Project.

Central Bridge Replacement

Crews are continuing with the form work for the construction of the new decorative arches on both sides of the bridge.  The construction of the decorative arches on both sides will take several weeks to complete.

Lake Avenue West

The Town of Carleton Place would like to advise residents that Lake Avenue West will be reduced to one lane throughout the day on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 for the connection of the new watermain for the Mississippi Shores development to the existing watermain on Lake Avenue West.  Please follow the directions provided by traffic control staff.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our projects, please call (613) 257-2253.