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Construction Update – January 26th

The Public Works Department would like to remind residents that weather, staffing, and supply of materials can impact the construction schedule.  Activities anticipated for the upcoming week include the following:

Central Bridge

Despite the winter weather conditions, Louis Bray’s staff are continuing with the final components of the Central Bridge Reconstruction project.

Now that the concrete pillars have been poured, next week’s work plans include the removal of forms for the last pillars, railing installation, and additional work for the bridge’s decorative lighting system. Depending on the elevation of the river, crews will be continuing with work on the southwest retaining wall.

The Town asks that residents using the bridge please respect the safety of the workers on the bridge by reducing vehicular speed while crossing, refrain from interfering with construction activities, and follow the direction provided by traffic control personnel when in place. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our projects, please call (613) 257-2253.