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2019 Highlights/Accomplishments

At the Council meeting on Tuesday, December 17th, Mayor Black reviewed the highlights of 2019 – the first year of the Council’s four-year term including:

  • Approving retail cannabis stores in Carleton Place
  • Adoption of a Strategic Plan and Action Plan for items Council would like to see addressed within its term of council
  • Memorial and service to commemorate Keith Lesway in St. James Park
  • Approval for completion of a detailed design for the Central Bridge Project and reconstruction of Bridge Street in downtown Carleton Place
  • Authorize proceeding with a Seniors’ Centre in the former Train Station – now known as The Station – Active Living Centre
  • Receipt of close to $4.2M in grant funding under the Rural and Northern Fund for the Central Bridge Project by the Federal and Provincial Governments
  • New 72 Room Comfort Inn and Suites Hotel
  • Passing of an Interim Control By-law to temporarily prevent intensified development within the old portions of Carleton Place to allow for a study to be undertaken to determine what type of development we want to occur in this area in the future
  • Implementation of new Building Department Software which would allow for greater efficiency in the field i.e. immediate email submission of inspection reports, being able to electronically look up previous inspection reports, review plans, etc.
  • Enter into a pilot project with Lanark County Transportation to provide “Ride the LT” transportation within Carleton Place on Wednesdays for a fee of $2 per trip
  • Grand opening of Carleton Junction Park
  • Numerous activities and events to commemorate the Town’s 200th Anniversary
  • Approve the Development Permit for a new 128 bed long term care home on Costello Drive (this will add 68 new long-term care beds in Town)
  • Receipt of $2,915,000 in funding to expand the 3 Francis Street Childcare Centre which will create 15 new jobs and add 88 new childcare spaces
  • Council authorized staff to work with Ontario Power General to provide 2 dual Level 2 Charging Station to Town at the Fire/Police Station; Neelin Street Community Centre and Carleton Place Library
  • Retaining Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. to undertake a Development Charges Background Study
  • Visits to Town by three Ambassadors from Iceland, Dominican Republic and Korea
  • Hosted a delegation from our Sister City in Franklin, Tennessee