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Bridge Street Reconstruction Set to Commence

Bridge Street Reconstruction Set to Commence

As the month of May approaches so does the much-anticipated reconstruction of Bridge Street. Louis Bray Construction, the Town’s contractor, has been developing a comprehensive strategy to undertake this major project with an approach that balances maintaining required timelines while minimizing the impact on Downtown businesses as much as possible.

Commencing the week of May 2nd, crews will begin the installation of catchbasins starting at the south limit of the project, Lake Avenue, and progressing northward towards College Street. While this work is underway crews will isolate their work zones and this section of Bridge Street will be signed for Local Traffic Only.

It is anticipated that during the week of May 16th another crew will commence the removal of sidewalks on the west side of Bridge Street, again beginning at Lake Avenue. The intent is to remove the existing sidewalk and follow behind with the installation of infrastructure for the new streetlights and then again another crew will follow behind with the installation of new sidewalk. This operation will continue northward section by section on the west side. As the sidewalk removals and subsequent operations are completed to the Central Bridge the same sequence will commence on the East side of Bridge Street at Lake Avenue and progress northward. Other components such as road reconstruction, pedestrian crossover installation, streetscape and landscape component installation will occur after new sidewalks have been installed. 

Scheduling updates will be provided as work progresses as unforeseen issues may arise over the course of this project that will necessitate adjustments to the plan.  


It is the intent of the contractor to maintain on-street parking in areas where no active construction is occurring.  Municipal parking lots will be prioritized and will remain open and accessible as much as possible.

Access to Businesses

Louis Bray will be maintaining access to all businesses during the project, other than short intervals such as when there is an open excavation or when concrete sidewalks are being poured and curing. Businesses will be notified in advance of these interruptions and timeframes will be kept to a minimum.

Pedestrian Travel During Construction

Pedestrian travel to downtown businesses is encouraged and Louis Bray will maintain a path of travel on Bridge Street for pedestrians throughout the project. Due to construction activities, street crossing may be required to continue travel in a specific direction. Pedestrians are asked to respect signage indicating the intended path of travel and stay clear of work zones.

What does “Local Traffic Only” Mean

There should be a compelling reason to enter a block that is signed LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY such as requiring vehicular access to a specific business and or residence within that block.  The intent is to restrict any through traffic and limit vehicular traffic through the active construction zone as much as possible for the safety of workers and motorists alike.

How do I get Schedule Updates?

The Town will be providing weekly updates on its website, or you can get them delivered directly to your inbox by signing up for the Town’s e-newsletter CP Scoop.