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Comprehensive Review Open House - Growth Scenarios

Comprehensive Review Growth Scenarios – Virtual Open House - May 10th to 14th, 2021

Purpose of the Virtual Open House

The Town of Carleton Place conducts statutory Open Houses and Public Meetings when changes are proposed to land use planning policies like the Official Plan.

It is important for the Town to understand and review the feedback of residents on amendments in order to fully appreciate and analyze the impact of those changes on property owners.

Purpose of the Amendment

The Town has considered the impacts of the population increase and have suggested three (3) possible scenarios for consideration:

clipart of 4 apartment buildings

Growth Scenario 1: Infill & Intensification of vacant lands and strategic properties in the existing built-up area only, excluding all greenfields.

clipart of 2 houses and a tree

Growth Scenario 2: Growth including urban greenfields in addition to all other vacant land within the existing built-up area, including a future residential district.

clipart of 3 houses and a road

Growth Scenario 3: Growth including both urban greenfields and rural greenfields (e.g., annexed lands) in addition to all other vacant land within the existing built-up area.

Each of the three (3) proposed Growth Scenarios will be explored in more detail in the virtual package.

A Note About COVID

Due to the present COVID-19 pandemic, a traditional “Open House” cannot be hosted at the Town Hall.

An Open House allows residents the opportunity to view and ask questions about the amendment. Posters illustrating the proposal are available and staff are present to speak with residents.

The “Virtual” Open House will offer the same sort of viewing and commenting experience remotely.

How to Participate in the Open House

open book iconStep 1 – Review the materials provided in this virtual package.

thinking iconStep 2 – Think critically about how the policy change may impact you and the development of the community.

email iconStep 3 – Provide your comments, thoughts or questions on the amendment to staff by following the links provided on the last page of the virtual package.

Questions? Contact the Director of Development Services, Niki Dwyer at ndwyer@carletonplace.ca.