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Corporate Strategic Plan
Council approved its 2019 – 2023 Corporate Strategic Plan entitled “Balancing Growth” which articulates Council’s priorities for its term.  The action plan developed as part of the process determines a timeline for completion of projects and the requirement for annual reporting on what has been accomplished.  During the process, Council set the following four strategic goals in no particular order:
1. Comprehensive Communication:  official corporate communications (the Town), Council Communication (us around this table), and community communication that includes civic engagement will be considered.
2. Managed Growth:  the Official Plan and the Development Permit By-Law will be reviewed and revised.  In addition, the Development Charges background study will be reviewed so the Town can update its By-Law and allow growth to pay for growth in the Town’s capital projects.  In addition, Council will conduct a review of the Town’s mixed use and affordable housing policies, even though the Town may not have a lot of influence on this matter.
3. Corporate Health:  This goal is about improvements to the actual management of the corporation – always with a mindset of continuous improvement.
4. Community and Economic Development:  Carleton Place is a great place to live, and Council intends to bring together the ideas for great recreation, community projects and events, great natural and built heritage, and great people WITH the economic and business development of Carleton Place.  Council wants people to be able to live, work and play in Carleton Place, and this further planning will give the Town that comprehensive view. 
The strategic plan is intended to be a living document, and the timelines for completion of projects may need to be adjusted – if the Town obtains a grant that might move a project forward, or decide to slow another project down for any unforeseen reason, the plan should be flexible and responsive to Council’s needs.
There will be lots of room for the public in this plan, and Council has included steps for community consultation and engagement as the projects move along.  Council would like to thank its consultant, Jane Torrance of the firm Big Thinking for her guidance and assistance in developing this strategic plan which will ultimately benefit the people in this community.