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Council Meeting Highlights - November 10, 2020

Staff issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Transportation Master Plan in August 2020. By the RFP closing date on September 24th, 2020, five (5) proposals were received. A proposal evaluation team was assembled, and each submission was evaluated in accordance with the terms specified in the RFP. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the proposal submitted by Parsons scored highest in overall quality and value. Council awarded the Transportation Master Plan to Parsons for a total upset limit price of $138,250.00 plus HST. The project will be funded from Development Charges and from funds to be budgeted in the 2021 budget.

Carleton Place Treasurer Trisa McConkey presented the draft 2021 Water and Sewer budget. The draft includes a recommendation for a 1.95% increase to water and sewer rates. This will result in a total charge of $953.44 per year for a residential property with one or two people; an increase of $1.52 per month over 2020 rates. The justification for the increase is primarily centered around an increase in the cost to undertake construction projects locally. Increased costs have had a significant impact on the long-term capital plan for water and sewer. The presentation will be available on the Town’s website following the meeting. Please email the Treasurer at tmcconkey@carletonplace.ca with any comments prior to the deadline for public input set as Tuesday, November 17th. The final decision on the proposed rate increase will be made by Council at its regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th, 2020.

Staff commenced the formal public consultation process under the Ontario Planning Act respecting a “Housekeeping Amendment” and update of the existing Development Permit By-law in January 2020. Pending the request by Council for further consultation with the public regarding the proposed amendment, the processes were put on hold until September 2020. Following a Virtual Town Hall meeting with development and builder stakeholders in September 2020, Council provided direction to reinitiate the statutory public process to undertake the amendment. The existing Development Permit By-law was approved by Council in 2015 and has not been subject to substantial amendment since that time. The 2020 Amendment was proposed to: clarify existing policies that have been subject to misinterpretation, add additional definitions, and update the policy to be consistent with legislative changes enacted by the Province of Ontario. A track-change copy of the proposed amendment has been made available for the public on the Town’s website. Staff presented a Public Meeting Summary Report which was received by the Committee as information.

The Director of Development Services presented an application for a Class 3 Development Permit for a vacant property currently owned by Matrix Investment Group Ltd. The property is located at 35 Roe Street. The applicant proposes to construct three (3) office condominium buildings, each containing 16 units and being 2-storeys in height. The total leasable floor area proposed is 5,321.28m². The site will include 220 parking spaces, electric vehicle parking spaces, loading spaces, bicycle parking, outdoor amenity space and garbage enclosures. The development will be phased with one (1) building being built at a time.  The Committee approved the application.

The following By-laws of note were read and passed:

1. By-law 91-2020 - Pedestrian Cross Overs - Ottawa Valley Rail Trail - Amending Traffic and Parking By-law 46-2003 to include Pedestrian Crossovers in the following locations:

  • Coleman Street at the OVRT
  • Lake Avenue East at the OVRT
  • Albert Street at the OVRT
  • Franklin Street at the OVRT
  • Rosamond Street at the OVRT

2. By-law 92-2020 - Lake Avenue West Parking Restrictions - Amending Traffic and Parking By-law 46-2003) with the following inclusions:

  • Institution of a “no stopping” zone on both sides of Lake Avenue between Hawthorne Avenue and Mississippi Road between the times of 7:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
  • A “no parking” zone will be created under the by-law for the south side of Lake Avenue West between Hawthorne Avenue and Mississippi Road
  • A “no parking” restriction for the south side of Lake Avenue West between Bridge Street and MacArthur Street.

3. By-law 93-2020 - Property Standards By-law (Repeals By-law 64-2008) - The Town’s Property Standards By-law 65-2008 was reviewed by various Departmental staff, resulting in a number of suggested updates. Many of these updates are a result of previous inspections or complaints where By-law Officers could not effectively apply the Property Standards By-law and take appropriate enforcement action because the wording in the By-law was not clear, strong and/or precise.

4. By-law 94-2020 - Delegation of Authority (Repeals By-law 59-2019) – Administrative amendments were made to the By-law.