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Council Meeting Highlights - October 26th, 2021

The following consent item of note was approved from the October 12th Committee of the Whole meeting:

  • Municipal Modernization Fund - Records and Information Management Improvements - Council supports staff’s application for digital modernization improvements under Intake 3 of the Municipal Modernization Fund with the Town’s share of funding to be included in the draft 2022 budget.

Carleton Place Public Library and the Howard Allan Cost Sharing Agreement – Council passed a motion that will see library services removed from the Howard Allan Cost Sharing Agreement; and future negotiations for any new library services agreement(s) will be made by the Carleton Place Public Library Board in accordance with the provisions of the Public Libraries Act.

Additional Funding Request Town Hall Repointing Budget - Council authorized a budget deviation of up to $100,000 for the Town Hall Repointing Project to address construction and consulting extras on the project with the additional funding to be paid from Town Hall capital reserves.

The following By-laws of note were read and passed:

  1. By-law No. 120-2021 (Fees and Charges By-law) – To approve changes to various fees charged by the Town.
  2. By-law No. 121-2021 (Authorize Alternate Voting Method - Internet and Telephone) – To authorize the alternative voting method of “Telephone / Internet” for the municipal/school board election to be held in 2022 and to repeal any previous by-laws authorizing alternate voting methods or containing contrary provisions to this by-law
  3. By-law No. 122-2021 (Professional Services Agreement - One Human Service Network, Childcare Services) - To authorize the signing of an agreement with One Human Service Network to undertake a Childcare Service Delivery Review which is 100% funded via a grant from the Provincial government.
  4. By-law 123-2021 (To Authorize a Pre-Servicing Agreement - Mississippi Shores Subdivision) – To authorize staff to amend the scope of the Pre-Servicing Agreement with 1384341 Ontario Ltd (Cavanagh Developments Ltd.) to include the construction of all on-site and off-site works associated with the Mississippi Shores Subdivision.

Public Meetings:

2022 Water & Sewer Budget – Treasurer Trisa McConkey presented the draft 2022 Water and Sewer budget to the public for comment. The draft includes a recommendation for a 1.95% increase to water and sewer rates. This will result in a total charge of $972.00 per year for a residential property with one or two people; an increase of $18.54 per year (or $1.55 a month) over 2021 rates.

The public will have the opportunity to provide input on the proposed rate increase until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, November 5th, 2021. The presentation will be available shortly on the Town’s website at www.carletonplace.ca. Please email tmcconkey@carletonplace.ca with any comments before the November 5th deadline. The final decision on the proposed rate increase will be made by Council at its regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.

Presentation – Gail Logan from the Carleton Place Youth Centre gave a presentation at the Committee of the Whole meeting which provided an overview of the organization’s programs and activities and shared a Carleton Place Youth Centre Fall 2021 slideshow video.

McArthur Island Development Permit Agreement Amendment - In November 2020, the Town executed a Development Permit Agreement with the joint proponents of the proposed McArthur Island development application. The approval was issued as a conclusion to the application’s review which formally commenced in March 2019.

In addition to outlining a number of special conditions pertaining to the physical construction of the development, the Agreement included a phasing schedule for the works to be completed in both the short term and long-term. This phasing arrangement was further recognized through a Development Permit Amendment which applied a Holding provision to the long-term phases of the development.

The approved phasing plan included the issuance of a building permit for phases 1, 2 and 3 (inclusive) within one (1) year of the execution of the Agreement. The conditions for the approval of phases 4 and 5  are required to be satisfied within two (2) years of the signing of the Agreement.

Over the past year, the proponents have worked with Town staff as well as representatives of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority to submit the necessary documents for the issuance of building permits for phases 1 and 2 before the specified deadline. During the course of these discussions however, it has become evident that there is a significant volume of outstanding work that is required to consider phase 3. As a result, it is not possible for a building permit to be issued for phase 3 before the specified one year deadline.

Council directed Staff to execute a Development Permit Amending Agreement to recognize Phase 3 of the McArthur Island Development approval as part of, and subject to, the conditions for Phases 4 and 5.

The next regularly scheduled meetings of Council and Committee of the Whole will take place on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.