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Storm Damage and Power Outages

The Carleton Place Fire Department and the Public Works Department have done a full canvas of town to assess the damage caused by the storm earlier today.

Several roads in town have been closed due to fallen trees, poles, and power lines. The Fire Department asks that you do not move cones as they indicate areas with potential hazards.

Avoid cutting trees which may have downed power lines hidden underneath and do not move or cut trees that have fallen onto the roadway.

While both the Fire Department and the Public Works Department appreciate residents wanting to help, they ask that you leave any potentially hazardous jobs until they are able to attend to it.

If possible, stay home. In the event that the power is not restored early in the evening, please gather any flashlights or light sources available and any supplies you may require throughout the night prior to sundown. If using candles please don’t leave them unattended.

As much as possible, keep fridge and freezer doors closed to avoid food spoilage. Be mindful of ensuring that household taps are in the off position.

For updates on the power outage status, please check the Outage Map on the Hydro One website: https://www.hydroone.com/power-outages-and-safety/outage-tools?utm_source=bill_insert&utm_medium=vanity_url&utm_campaign=outage_tools