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Additions to the Cenotaph

In June of 2015, a delegation of members from Branch #192 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Carleton Place made a presentation to Town Council and unveiled a new Honour Roll within the Town Council Chambers. An Honour Roll to honour those men and women from Carleton Place who have served in various UN/NATO and other conflicts and combat missions, since the war in Korea some 67 years ago.

In the presentation to Council at that time, the spokesman for the delegation, Ron Goebel, stated that the key to the success of the program was the securing of names of individuals who qualified for the new Honour Roll with the criteria that had been established.

“The press and social media did a great job in getting the word out and through the assistance of Duncan Rogers, Town Clerk at that time, the local Legion Branch #192, and Motion Printing, were able to have this project come to fruition”.

“We believe that we set the bar high for other communities across Canada to follow our lead in honouring and recognizing these men and women from Carleton Place in the manner in which we have” stated Mr. Goebel at that time.

However, with the continuance of this program, another thought entered the minds of members of the Legion Branch 192 Cenotaph Committee that included Legion President Peter Schaffer, a Past President of the Branch, Garry Pond who is also the current President of Ontario Command, Jerry Flynn, a 30 year member of the Branch, and Ron Goebel, Chairman of the Committee and a Past President of the Branch and currently the Chairman of Ontario Command.

The thought of this Committee was regarding the expansion of the Honour Roll project to the local Cenotaph located on Veterans Way in Memorial Park

It was felt that although there is an Honour Roll located in the Council Chambers of our Town Hall to recognize and honour local Veterans who served in areas of conflicts and wars since 1953, there is nothing on the local Cenotaph in Memorial Park to recognize the various conflicts and wars that our Canadian Forces have been involved in since the war in Korea.

The original portion of the Cenotaph was erected in 1926 following WW1 to honour our local Veterans who went to war during WW1 and unfortunately paid the supreme sacrifice in their efforts to give us a safe and free country in which to live.

Then in 1960, Town Council approved the addition of the two wings on the Cenotaph to recognize our local Veterans of WW2 and Korea and added the engraving of “Peacekeeping” and “UN” to these two wings.

A further Cenotaph restoration project was initiated in 2008 through Legion Branch 192, and in October of 2010, the Legion Branch was honoured and pleased to conduct a special rededication Ceremony in Memorial Park to commemorate that restoration and expansion project.

That project included the expansion of the walkway leading up to the Cenotaph and addition of interlocking stones; the addition of a granite base for the Cenotaph; the removal of shrubbery that hindered the sight of the Cenotaph; and two granite benches. This special ceremony also included the renaming of the section of Franklin Street in front of the Cenotaph at Memorial Park to Veterans Way.

Although this special ceremony was conducted in 2010, the restoration and expansion project of the local cenotaph had still not been completed at that time. What was missing from the project was two C1 105mm Howitzer artillery guns.

So, through a long and arduous process through various contacts made with the Department of National Defence, we were able to acquire these two artillery pieces to add to our cenotaph. And on June 8, 2013, we held another special dedication ceremony to commemorate this significant addition of the two artillery guns.

That was over seven years ago and following the annual November 11th Remembrance Day parade and ceremony this past year, various individuals in attendance had questioned as to there not being any inscription on our Cenotaph to recognize other conflicts such as the Cold War and Afghanistan.

So, following discussions by members of the Cenotaph Committee, contact was made with the Government of Canada to determine just what the recognized conflicts were that our Canadian Armed Forces have been involved in since the war in Korea.

One this information was received, and through various discussions with the members of the Cenotaph Committee, members of Branch 192, Mayor Doug Black, Recreation and Culture Manager Joanne Henderson, it was agreed that we would recognize all those Veterans from our Community who served during difficult times in areas of war and conflicts since the war in Korea by having these various recognized conflicts added to our Cenotaph.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Veterans Affairs Canada for their participation in this special project and for their assistance with the funding of this project. We thank them as well for their assistance with our previous Cenotaph Restoration Projects. We would also like to thank the members of Town Council and Joanne Henderson, our Manager of Recreation and Culture, for their assistance as well with the funding of this project through the local Community Enhancement Program.

A special thanks to John Bowes of Kinkaid Loney Monuments for his assistance in having the work completed to our Cenotaph in having these various conflicts added to it. And last but certainly not least, a thank you to local Legion Branch #192 President Peter Schaffer, Ontario Command President and member of Branch #192 Garry Pond, former Deputy Mayor and 30-year Branch member Jerry Flynn for all of their assistance with this project as well as all members of our local Legion Branch #192. It was a real team effort in having this project come to fruition.

The following are the Government approved recognized conflicts that our military have been involved in since 1953 and what has now been engraved onto our local Cenotaph.


  • 1946 – 1991 – COLD WAR
  • 1990 – 1991 – GULF WAR
  • 1998 – 1999 – KOSOVO WAR
  • 2001 – 2014 – AFGHANISTAN WAR
  • 1992 – 1995 – SOMALI CIVIL WAR
  • 1992 – 1995 – BOSNIAN WAR
  • 2003 – 2011 – IRAQ WAR
  • 1999 – 2000 – EAST TIMOR

It is interesting to note that during nine various conflicts that our military have been involved in since 1953, several of our local Veterans served in some of these various missions. Fortunately, we did not have any of our local Veterans who paid the supreme sacrifice in any of these recognized conflicts. Unfortunately though, as a nation, we did have 256 Canadian who paid the supreme sacrifice during the Cold War, 158 Canadians who paid the supreme sacrifice during the War in Afghanistan and 23 Canadians paid the supreme sacrifice during the Bosnian War.

With this addition to our Cenotaph, our local Legion Branch 192 would normally conduct a re-dedication ceremony at the Cenotaph to commemorate this addition. However, with our current COVID-19 pandemic, we would be unable to hold such a ceremony with more than 10 people present. So, a special re-dedication ceremony will be conducted at a later date when the general public will be invited to attend.

We will Remember Them!