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Construction Update - August 12, 2021

Construction Update – August 12th, 2021 - The Town of Carleton Place’s Public Works Department strives to keep our residents informed of this year’s construction activities however, schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, changes in the provision of materials and/or availability of staff.  The following activities are planned for next week:

Central Bridge Project – Utility Relocation

Bell Canada has been on site this week installing new ducts and have begun the process of suspending new telecommunications cables over the Mississippi River.  Once the cable work is completed, cleanup and reinstatement will occur on both sides of the river. These cables are temporary and once the bridge work is completed in 2022, the cables will be relocated back on the bridge. 

Gillies Bridge

The removal of the existing concrete on the bridge deck, approaches, and piers is ongoing and crews are making good progress. However, we are anticipating it will take several more weeks before all of the concrete will be removed. The Town of Carleton Place would like to remind residents that for safety reasons, pedestrians must use the OVRT to cross the Mississippi River.

Bell Street (Bridge Street to Mullett Street)

Grading operations will continue all week throughout the entire length of Bell St. in preparation for the base course lift of asphalt which is anticipated to be placed the following week.

Moffatt Street (McRostie to High Street)

AECON’s crews will be busy in the coming days as they will be reinstating concrete walkways and asphalt driveways, adjusting iron structures, and paving the top lift of asphalt.

Moffatt Street (High Street to Townline Road)

Crews will be adjusting iron structures and paving the top lift of asphalt.

McKenzie Street

Public Works has requested the road work on McKenzie Street to be completed prior to students returning to school.  AECON’s crews will be paving the base lift of asphalt, making iron adjustments, reinstating driveways, and paving the top lift of asphalt this week, well in advance of the students returning to school at Notre Dame High School.

The Town of Carleton Place asks for everyone’s help in ensuring safe and efficient work zones.  We encourage residents to avoid all construction zones, however, should residents be travelling within the construction zones, we urge you to proceed with caution and follow the directions provided by traffic control personnel and posted construction signage.  We ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation during the construction season, however, should a member of the public have any concerns or questions of a general nature, please contact the Public Works Office at 613-257-2253.

A picture containing 3 images, far left is a bridge under construction, middle shows cabling being run across the river, far right is construction vehicle on a road under construction