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Construction Update - July 7th, 2022

Construction Update

The Town of Carleton Place Public Works Department strives to keep our residents informed of all our construction activities however, schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, changes in the provision of materials and/or availability of staff. 

Central Bridge Replacement

Now that the bridge girders have been installed, the next phase of the reconstruction will be creating the bridge deck access or working platforms and the actual formwork for the bridge deck itself. Work will also continue on the retaining walls adjacent to the bridge.

Bridge Street Reconstruction

Although a work stoppage has impacted Louis Bray’s schedule relating to the installation of sidewalks on the west side of Bridge St., Louis Bray’s staff continues to proceed with other components of the work including preparation for the installation of planters and continued preparations for sidewalk installation. At this point in time, Louis Bray does not foresee a significant impact on the overall schedule of this project but will continue to monitor the situation and develop mitigation strategies, as required.

Moffatt Street

In the coming days, crews will be repairing landscaping behind the newly installed concrete in areas that were disturbed during the construction process.  Crews are also preparing and will be reinstating asphalt driveways that were also impacted during construction.

Emily Street

Road excavation activities and sidewalk removals will be ongoing throughout next week.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our projects, please call (613) 257-2253.