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Construction Update - September 21st

The Public Works Department would like to remind residents that weather, staffing, and supply of materials can impact our construction schedules. The following activities are anticipated for the upcoming week:

Bridge Street

Concrete crews and landscapers are expected to be on site to complete the remaining work on Bridge Street. Please note crews may periodically need to block a lane of traffic or parking spaces to offload materials. These interruptions are temporary, and access will be returned to normal as soon as possible.

Also, Bell Canada’s subcontractor is expected in the later part of the week to remove the temporary poles on both sides of the river, west of the Central Bridge. This work may require the closure of the municipal parking lot across from the Town Hall for a short duration to ensure their safe removal.

McNeely Avenue Multi-Use Pathway (MUP)

The Public Works Department will be continuing with the construction of the MUP along McNeely Avenue. The Town of Carleton is encouraging residents to use alternative routes such as the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (OVRT) or Bridge Street to cross the river as the sidewalk from Townline Road to Patterson Crescent remains closed. Cyclists are also encouraged to use these alternative routes as travel lanes have been narrowed due to construction.

Thomas Street (Townline Road to Bridge Street)

Thomas Street from Bridge Street to McKenzie Street remains closed to traffic as Cavanagh Construction has started the process of excavating material for the installation of new underground infrastructure.  Motorists will need to find alternative routes to access McKenzie Street.  Cavanagh Construction will also begin the process to install new curbs between McKenzie Street and Townline Road.