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Council Meeting Highlights - August 25 2020

Mayor Doug Black read a Proclamation during the Council Meeting declaring September 4th to the 12th, 2020, PRIDE week in Carleton Place. PRIDE stands for Promote, Respect, Inclusion and Dignity for Everyone. The Mayor emphasized that the Town of Carleton Place is a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community where we are pleased to celebrate and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, and other identities, and that a formal flag raising ceremony will be held at the Town Hall on Friday, September 4th at 2:00 p.m.

At the August 11th Committee of the Whole Meeting, Robin Daigle, Engineering Manager, gave a presentation which outlined the clearing plan for Captain A. Roy Brown Boulevard (CRB) from McNeely Avenue to Highway 15 and the need for a North/South Municipal road (“Service Road”) to be extended from CRB toward the North to provide rear access to properties fronting onto the south side of Highway 7. To proceed with the preparation of conceptual engineering plans and preliminary cost estimate for the Service Road, clearing of this future right of way must occur. Through preliminary discussions with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), it is anticipated the Town will receive funding for this future Service Road project whereby clearing costs could then be recovered. The Town has also had recent discussions with Hydro One as they have identified their intention to proceed with the extension of a hydro line along the north side of the CRB right of way. Construction of this line is anticipated to occur in 2021 and form a critical link in Hydro One’s electrical distribution system. The location of this line has been accounted for in the Conceptual Design Plan completed for the development area South of Highway 7. Hydro One has committed approximately $33,000.00 toward the Town’s clearing project should the Town agree to include clearing required for their project in the Town’s scope of work. With the anticipated contribution from Hydro One to the Town’s clearing project, no increases to the Town’s current 2020 budgeted amount of $21,000 for clearing work are anticipated. Council instructed Staff to proceed with the preparation and issuance of a clearing Tender for approximately 3.39 ha of land as described in Figure 1 of the Engineering Manager’s report.

Council passed a motion that the name “McEachen Drive” be reserved for the purposes of naming the future Municipal Service Road planned to be extended from Captain A. Roy Brown Boulevard to the rear of properties fronting onto the south side of Highway 7.

Council approved a Delegated Authority report submitted by Chief Administrative Officer Diane Smithson. Items of note include:

  • The Request for Proposal for a Pay Equity Consultant has been awarded to Pesce and Associates at a cost of $42,739.20.
  • Tender RC01-2020 for an addition and renovations to the Carleton Place Arena was awarded to the low bidder, Tal-Co Building Innovations Ltd. In the amount of $1,986,990.00.
  • The tender for a new loader/snowplow has been awarded to the low bidder, Hartington Equipment in the amount of $220,000 plus HST.
  • The Request for Proposal RFP-PD-2020-01 for consulting services to complete a comprehensive review of the Town of Carleton Place Official Plan has been awarded to JL Richards Associates in the amount of $60,000 plus HST.

The following By-laws were read and passed:

  • By-law No. 72-2020 to appoint Allan and Partners as the Town’s Municipal Auditors for the 2020 to 2024 fiscal years;
  • By-law 73-2020 to amend the Town’s Sign By-law 65-2008 regarding Ground Signs which allows for an increase in area and height of ground signs in relation to the number of building storeys being constructed and to amend the setbacks for ground signs;
  • By-law 74-2020 to authorize an Agreement with Hydro One Ltd. to receive a contribution in exchange for incorporating their required clearing limits into the Town’s scope of work for Captain A. Roy Brown Boulevard.