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Council Meeting Highlights - July 21, 2020

Library Interior Renovation Project – Nicole Chilton-Jones of Jim Bell Architectural Design Inc. presented Council with draft architectural plans for the Library Interior Renovation project. The draft plans include a revised entrance and reception area, a new teen area with charging stations, enhancements to the common area and the creation of additional meeting rooms. The creation of an enhanced children’s area was a focus with new play spaces such as built-in alcove seating and an outdoor yard area. The presentation concluded with a virtual walk through of the project as a whole.


Central Bridge and Bridge Street Rehabilitation Projects - At the June 30th meeting, Council was presented with the results of the tendering process for PW1-2020 – New McArthur Island Watermain Crossing, Gilles Bridge Rehabilitation, and Mill St. Pedestrian Connection Improvements. The tender included:

  • The installation of a new watermain from Princess St. to Rosamond St, that will cross the Mississippi River by having insulated pipe attached to the Gilles and Mill St. Bridges
  • Rehabilitation of steel girders and concrete abutments and replacement of deteriorated bearings, along with other minor repairs of the Gilles Bridge
  • The installation of a pedestrian pathway along Mill Street from the OVRT to Judson Street

Although there were numerous plan takers for this tender posting, the Town only received one bid for the project which was $1,666,724.99 over the Town’s budget of $1,613,000. The works associated with this project need to be completed in advance of undertaking the Central Bridge Project. Staff felt that the best approach would to be to defer this project, incorporate Bell Street back into the tender package for completion in 2021, and commence construction on the Central Bridge and Bridge Street in 2022. Council agreed to reject the bid received in response to Tender PW1-2020 due to budgetary constraints and directed staff to consult with the Bridge Street Stakeholder Committee prior to reissuing the tender with the incorporation of Bell Street.

The Stakeholder Committee met and discussed the various advantages and disadvantages of two (2) possible options:

  1. Bridge Street Rehabilitation, Gillies Bridge Rehabilitation, McArthur Island Watermain Crossing and Mill Street Pedestrian Upgrades in 2021 with the Central Bridge Replacement in 2022;
  2. Gillies Bridge Rehabilitation, McArthur Island Watermain Crossing and Mill Street Pedestrian Upgrades in 2021 with Bridge Street Rehabilitation and Central Bridge Replacement in 2022.

During Committee discussions, the option of combining all works relating to the Central Bridge Replacement in one (1) tender that is undertaken over a two-year period commencing in 2021 with full completion by the end of 2022 was reviewed. This approach would create benefits such as potential cost savings, demonstrate a commitment to the complete project and a well-defined schedule for all the works. The intent would be to finalize the design of all projects and go out to tender later this year. This option had not been viable previously as design work for Phase 1 work was further advanced than the Central Bridge and Bridge Street designs. Now that Phase 1 has been deferred, this option appears to be favourable and viable. Also, the Bell St. Reconstruction had been previously removed from this year’s program due to utility conflicts that had been identified during detailed design, and the requirement to obtain the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). The ECA application has since been submitted and staff are progressing with the relocation of the gas main on Bell Street to facilitate reconstruction, therefore it is anticipated that this work will be able to proceed in 2021 and be included in the combined tender for all works. Although various opinions were expressed during the meeting, the Stakeholder Committee’s consensus was concurrence with the original recommendation to defer the Bridge Street Reconstruction to 2022 to coincide with the Central Bridge Replacement.

After a lengthy discussion, Council approved a motion to defer the decision on the tender structure until the first meeting in September in order to allow staff to gather more detailed cost estimates for the various components of the work.