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Council Meeting Highlights - June 23 2020

Kory Earle and Paolo Villa made a presentation to Council outlining their plans for a Carleton Place PRIDE Committee event in September.


Council received the 2019 Annual Integrity Commissioner’s report as information. The report from the Town’s Integrity Commissioner (IC), Tony Fleming, provides a summary of the services provided to the Town of Carleton Place in 2019. The report provides background information on the role of the Integrity Commissioner in relation to Council and outlines the purpose of having a Code of Conduct together with a complaint process.  Two complaints were submitted in 2019 however, it was determined that the allegations were outside of the IC’s jurisdiction and one of the complaints was deemed to contain insufficient grounds to support some of the allegations.


Council received a letter from the Downtown Business Improvement Area dated June 11, 2020, requesting support in a number of areas to assist businesses in the downtown as a result of COVID-19 limitations. Council has approved supporting the following requests:

  1. The Town will communicate through its various communication channels that biking/skateboarding is not permitted on downtown sidewalks;
  2. Regular foot patrols by Carleton Place By-law Officers and forwarding a request to OPP for consideration of foot patrols by them to assist in the enforcement of the Town’s sidewalk guidelines;
  3. Town signage, in a format to be determined by staff, in the downtown to remind pedestrians of physical distancing measures;
  4. The BIA be permitted to install two (2) flex spaces at locations to be approved by the Town, with the Town agreeing to fund the rental of one (1) flex space with the responsibility for the flex spaces remaining with the BIA and that the $2,500 of funding for the flex space to be paid by the Town be taken from the $12,000 that Council had previously allocated towards communications for the Downtown Revitalization Project;
  5. Allocating $1,000 towards signage encouraging motorists to reduce their speed and that the funds for the signs be taken from the $12,000 that had been previously allocated for Downtown Revitalization Project communications;
  6. Waiving the requirements of the Development Permit Bylaw to allow for the use of some parking spaces and widened areas of the sidewalk to be used for flex space, additional retail space or extended patio space. This provision will also apply to businesses in areas outside of the downtown.


Tenders were received for the final phase of reconstruction of High Street and the rehabilitation of Patterson Crescent. All bids received were complete and accurate. Council awarded Contract PW2-2020 Thomas Cavanagh Construction for the Reconstruction of High Street and the Rehabilitation of Patterson Crescent, the lowest bidder, in the amount of $966,234.46 (includes Town’s net share of HST).  Council also authorized staff to proceed with utilizing funds from the Engineering Reserve to fund Construction Inspection Services at an anticipated cost of $48,000.


The Town has received its insurance renewal documents from Frank Cowan Company for the June 15, 2020 to January 1, 2021 period. Council accepted the quote at a cost of $169,875 plus PST. The approved budget for insurance in 2020 is $250,275 as we had anticipated an increase but not one this large. Actual spending for the policy period January 1, 2020 to June 15, 2020 was $125,933. The cost for the remaining portion for 2020 is $169,875 which means spending more than budgeted by $40,535. Council authorized the overage being funded from the Administration and Water/Sewer reserves.


The 2020 Budget included funds to undertake a renovation of the Carleton Place Public Library. In order to reduce the construction time for the project, both Library staff and materials should be relocated during construction. Council supported staff’s request that the available space at the Active Living Centre be used by the Library to offer services while the Library is closed for their renovations. The Library will need access from approximately mid-August until the end of January. The Library will operate around the current programming offered at the Active Living Centre. The Library will be responsible to cover any additional utility costs due to the increase of use, daily cleaning of the building and increased internet capacity. Staff feels this is a great opportunity to offer some inter-generational programming and to work with the Library staff to provide additional programming for Seniors.


Summer Break Notice - Please be advised that in accordance with the Town’s Procedural By-law, Council will be taking a summer recess from regular Council or Committee meetings during the month of July.  This does not include Special or Emergency Meetings, which can be called by the Mayor or a petition of Council.  The next regular meetings after summer recess will take place on August 11th.