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Council Meeting Highlights - June 9, 2020

Council received the 2020, 1st Quarterly Drinking Water Quality Management System Report which describes the activities and issues relating to the operation of the Town’s Drinking Water System from January 2020 through to March 2020. Noteworthy items from the report include:

  • A Drinking Water Inspection was undertaken by Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOECP) in February. The inspection report has now been received and staff are reviewing the content and an agenda report will be forthcoming to Council;
  • Oversight of development-related activities continued throughout this time period;
  • There were only four (4) calls relating to water quality during these months;
  • System demand was down slightly (-4.7%) from the same timeframe last year.


The Province is continuing in their efforts to develop a Draft Regulation that will provide the framework for the transition to Full Producer Responsibility of the Blue Box Recycling Program. The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) has been representing Ontario Municipalities as they work with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, and other industry stakeholders, and has requested that all municipalities provide a resolution outlining each municipality’s preferred date to transition to full producer responsibility between the proposed start date of January 1, 2023, and the anticipated December 31, 2025 completion date of transition. Council passed a resolution stating that Carleton Place would like to transition their Blue Box program to full producer responsibility on January 1, 2023. The recently awarded contract for the provision of Blue Box Collection Services and Processing was structured to allow the Town to be prepared for the first phase of the transition and had an expiration of January 1, 2023. Based on the significant cost increase in these services, it reinforces the benefit to the Town of Carleton Place to transition as soon as possible.


The Ministry of Transportation Ontario and the Town have been working together for the past two (2) years completing the Environmental Assessment (EA) for improvements to Highway 15/Highway 7 and a complementary Secondary Plan that conceptually describes the access roads that will provide full access to businesses, shows proposed sidewalks in the area and sets out how redevelopment of the area will proceed.

While MTO will pay for the costs of the highway improvements, the one area that MTO will not contribute to is the construction of sidewalks except for the crossing sidewalk located within the intersections of Highway 7 and McNeely Avenue and Highway 7 and Highway 15 as it is not their practice to pay for and install sidewalks unless they have to replace existing sidewalks as part of a construction project. As these are new sidewalks and not replacement ones, MTO will not fund them. The areas where sidewalks are proposed according to the Secondary Plan Schedule D include:

  1. along both sides of Highway 7 between McNeely Avenue and Franktown Road;
  2. on both sides of Franktown Road between Findlay Avenue and Highway 7;
  3. along the west side of McNeely Avenue between the lights leading into the Independent Grocer/Tim Horton’s/McDonalds and Highway 7;
  4. along the west side of Highway 15 between Highway 7 and the Town’s future employment lands; and
  5. on the west side of McNeely Avenue between Highway 7 and the entrance to the Home Depot property;
  6. Along Captain A Roy Brown Boulevard and the areas servicing the rear of businesses fronting on Highway 7.

In addition to construction of the sidewalks, the Town would be responsible for ongoing maintenance and liability of them. Engineering staff have completed an estimate of $350,000 to install the approximate 1.8km of sidewalk along the sections of road noted above except for areas 4, 5 and 6 noted above which will be constructed as these areas are further developed. Council supported the construction of sidewalks along Highway 7 and instructed staff to undertake the necessary financial planning to ensure the Town’s share of sidewalk construction is included in the Town’s long-term financial plan and Development Charges Background Study to ensure they can be completed when appropriate.


A new request has been received (a previous request was received last November) from the Downtown Carleton Place Business Improvement Area (BIA) to install two (2) entry signs on Town property at two different entrances to the BIA District to signify to travelers that they are entering the BIA area. These signs will be used as part of the organization’s communications strategy. Council authorized the BIA to install their entrance signs on the following Town properties at their own expense:

  1. The green space boulevard approaching the intersection of Franktown Road and Coleman Street;
  2. Green space outside of the Carleton Place Train Station closer to the Subway restaurant.


As part of the CAO’s delegated authority report, a contract with Public Sector Digest (PSD) for the provision of the Asset Management module of their CityWide software package as well as their proposal to assist staff with completing an Asset Management Plan compliant with phases 2 and 3 of the provincial regulations was approved as a sole sourced contract under the Town’s Procurement By-law. PSD will also ensure that staff can update and maintain a robust Asset Management Plan into the future. The Town’s Asset Management Steering Committee supported the acceptance of the proposal. The Town’s budget includes $100,000 for Asset Management Software. The Town’s cost to complete this project is $94,290 plus HST. A grant funding program was recently announced by FCM (which staff received approval from Council to apply for) which will help to pay for $41,600 plus HST of this amount if we are successful.


The following By-laws of note were read and passed:

  1. By-law No. 53-2020 – Authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a contribution agreement between the Corporation of the Town of Carleton Place and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to provide $83,340.00 in funding for Downtown Improvements under the Rural Economic Development Program.
  2. By-law No. 54-2020 - An amendment to the Development Fees and Charges Bylaw to include provisions for consultations at various stages of the Development Permit Application process as follows:
  • Additional consultation meetings (in person, by phone or email) as follows at a cost of $50.00/per hour, min ½ hour fee for recovery of costs;
  • Pre-consult Stage: two (2) pre-consults; charges begin after second pre-consult;
  • Application/Circulation Stage: four (4) consultations; charges begin after fourth consult;
  • Drafting of Agreement Stage: two (2) consultations; charges begin after second consult.