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Council Meeting Highlights - September 22 2020

The Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (OVRT) through Carleton Place has been a well-used trail since its opening in October 2018. The OVRT crosses nine (9) roadways at grade through Carleton Place. Of the urban roadways, the William Street crossing at the intersection of Mullett Street is the only controlled crossing with the recent introduction of a four-way stop and crosswalk. All other crossings are currently uncontrolled and pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to vehicles using these roads. The Director of Public Works presented the Committee of the Whole with two (2) options for crossings at Lake Avenue East, Coleman Street, Albert Street, Franklin Street, Rosamund Street and Mill Street. Council has directed staff to proceed with Option 1 which includes the following works to be completed in 2020:

  • constructing unlit pedestrian crossings at Lake Avenue East, Coleman Street, Albert Street, Franklin Street, Rosamund Street at a cost of $8,500;
  • constructing a modified trail connection from the OVRT to Mill Street at a cost of less than $10,000;
  • to install two signs to warn motorists of the trail crossing on Moore Street.

In addition staff was directed to include an amount of $30,000 in the Town’s draft 2021 budget for the construction of a lit pedestrian crosswalk on Moore Street.

At the emergency meeting of Council held on March 25, 2020, Council passed a motion permitting one (1) additional bag of garbage per week per household during the declared province wide state of emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director of Public Works presented the Committee of the Whole with three (3) options to address the extra bag of garbage: return to one (1) bag limit, extend the one (1) additional bag until December 31st, 2020, or extend the one (1) additional bag for an alternate timeframe. Council direct staff to proceed with Option 2, extend the one (1) additional bag of waste to December 31st as outlined in the report prepared by the Director of Public Works dated September 8th, 2020, in regard to the collection of curbside waste.

The Bridge Street Stakeholder Committee met on Monday, July 13th, 2020, to review the recent tender closing of the Phase 1 works relating to the Central Bridge Project which included the Gillies Bridge rehabilitation, the McArthur Island watermain crossing, and the Mill Street pedestrian upgrades. As only one bid was received which was $1.6 million over budget, the Town did not award this contract and is going to retender with a revised schedule that will see the Phase 1 work deferred for one (1) year. As a result, the Central Bridge Replacement that was planned for 2021 will also be deferred for one (1) year, to 2022. Included in staff’s recommendation to defer the Central Bridge Replacement was the deferral of the Bridge Street Rehabilitation. The Bridge Street Stakeholder Committee was convened to discuss recent events and review the approach of continuing to move forward with the Bridge Street Reconstruction in conjunction with the Central Bridge Replacement, and whether that was still the preferred approach. During Committee discussions, the option of combining all works relating to the Central Bridge Replacement in one tender that is undertaken over a two-year period commencing in 2021 with full completion by the end of 2022 was reviewed. This approach would create benefits such as potential cost savings, ensure a commitment to the complete project and a well-defined schedule for all the works. The intent would be to finalize the design of all projects and go out to tender later this year. Council authorized staff to proceed with the development of one (1) tender to be issued in 2020 that incorporates the Gillies Bridge Rehabilitation, McArthur Island Watermain Crossing, Mill Street Pedestrian Upgrades, and Bell Street Reconstruction in 2021, and the Central Bridge Replacement and Bridge Street Reconstruction in 2022.

Council authorized up to an additional $100,000 funding towards the 3 Francis Street Childcare Centre addition/renovation to finalize various aspects of the project with the cost to be funded by development charges and/or Childcare reserves.  This project is expected to be completed in October 2020.

Council supported staff’s recommendation to cancel the 2020 Appreciation Night due to restrictions imposed by and impacts of COVID-19. However, a plan is in development to ensure proper recognition of this year’s Citizen of the Year as well as staff Year of Service Awards.

The following By-laws of note were read and passed:

By-law No. 82-2020 - Taxi By-law (Repeals and Replaces 83-2005) – The following updates were included:

  • A new requirement that all taxi drivers must submit an Ontario driver’s abstract upon initial application and bi-annually on an ongoing basis;
  • A new requirement that all new taxi drivers must undergo a Vulnerable Sector Police Check every year;
  • New requirement that drivers are legally permitted to work in Canada;
  • A new no smoking or vaping provision for both drivers and passengers;
  • A new schedule of maximum fare charges for rides within Town; and
  • A new schedule of passenger bill of rights.


By-law 83-2020 - To Amend Traffic and Parking By-law 46-2003 (Addition of Streets to Schedule I) - Due to narrow streets and significant population growth, there is increased traffic throughout the Town. After researching the issue, it was determined that to better manage parking and to ensure safety concerns are addressed in certain neighbourhoods, staff proposed that for some streets, parking only be permitted on one side of the street and for the narrowest streets, parking on both sides be prohibited. In some cases, the parking restrictions will be seasonal, rather than year-round. The proposed restrictions will only apply to narrow streets where there are clear safety concerns with allowing on-street parking. Many of the wider streets will continue to have parking on both sides. The following streets have been included in the amendment:

  • Munro Street from Park Street to Francis Street
  • Johnson Street
  • Franktown Road from Highway 7 to Moore Street
  • Bridge Street from Townline Road to Central Bridge