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Council Meeting Highlights - September 8, 2020

Mayor Black read two (2) proclamations this evening. The first declaring September 18th Big Brothers/Big Sisters Day in Carleton Place and recognizing the valuable service this organization provides to the community. The second, declaring National Forest Week in Carleton Place from September 20th to 26th  and September 23rd as National Tree Day in Carleton Place.

At the August 25th Committee of the Whole meeting, a written request was received from Brigil Construction requesting a release of building deposits for their 48-unit townhome development at the corner of Lake and McNeely Avenues. After reviewing the historical building files for this development, it was determined that all of the 48 units did not attain final inspections on or before the one year anniversary of their issuance; and there are outstanding inspections and open permits for a number of the units that still need to be addressed. The release of building deposits was requested outside the timeframe permitted within Building By-law No. 48-2007 and therefore the deposits have been deemed forfeited to the Town. Council supported the staff recommendation to uphold the Building By-law provisions with respect to building deposits as it relates to the Brigil Development and deny their request for a release of these deposits.

Council received a Financial Report as information which provides a review of the Town’s financial performance after the first seven (7) months of 2020.

Two motions from the August 19th, 2020 Parks and Recreation Committee meeting related to an increase in regular season ice rental rates and an increase in pool user fees were defeated.  Council agreed that the recommended changes in fees should be considered at a later date when more information regarding financial support from other levels of government related to COVID-19 might be available.

The Committee of the Whole received two (2) delegations this evening. The first was a presentation from Pat Evans which provided a general snapshot of Parkinson’s Disease and offered suggestions on how to help such as supporting advocacy efforts to ensure timely and appropriate medical care, encouraging dialogue and challenging stigma about this growing health issue, supporting local initiatives like the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk Lanark North Leeds and the PD Superspiel held in Carleton Place, and by Proclaiming April as Parkinson’s Awareness Month. The second delegation was Sally McIntyre, General Manager of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) who made a presentation on the MVCA’s Watershed Plan.

An application for a Class 3 Development Permit for 35 future residential lots, with single detached dwellings on all lots, in Phase 1 of the Nu Globe Subdivision (SUB-02-2012) was approved. The approval includes a variation to the Development Permit By-law to permit a maximum garage width equal to 49% of lot frontage for Lots 1 through 35 in the Nu Globe Subdivision. Council directed Staff to move forward with the drafting of the Development Permit Agreement.