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MVCA Water Safety Statement


High Water Levels and Flows Will Continue into February

January 20, 2020 — As the January rain moves through the system, higher than average water levels and flows will continue across the Mississippi River watershed.  Based on current forecasts, no flooding is expected and lake levels should continue to decrease.  The Crotch Lake reservoir is 35 cm above its upper target for this time of year.  As the excess water is released, flows downstream of Crotch Lake will remain high for the balance of the winter.
At this time there is a risk of ice jamming and/or frazil ice increasing river levels.  Air temperatures below -8°C can result in frazil ice formations in open flowing water.  Similarly, high flows can dislodge ice sheets creating jams.  Both result in water levels rising quickly, without warning. 
Residents are advised to maintain a close watch on levels and flows and take the necessary precautions to protect their property by:

  • Regularly testing and maintaining sump pumps and backwater valves.
  • Removing or securing items that might float away if levels increase.

 Additionally, ice thickness can change drastically due to high flows.  The shoreline adjacent to lakes, rivers and creeks is very slippery and poses a serious hazard.  Falling into open water can result in hypothermia or drowning.
The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) reminds the public to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies by:

  • Regularly testing ice thickness and staying off all ice that may cover flowing water.
  • Remind children about the dangers of playing on or near ice covered surfaces and open water.
  • Keep pets on leash near frozen water bodies.

Please note that the MVCA does not monitor ice conditions.
This message will be in effect until (or updated before) Monday February 10, 2020 at 4:30 pm.  


Contact: Christopher McGuire, P.Eng
Water Resources Engineer
613-253-0006 ext. 270
cmcguire@mvc.on.ca    www.mvc.on.ca

Attachment: Water Safety Statement PDF