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National Accessibility Week

National AccessAbility Week in Canada takes place during the last week of May. It is an opportunity to honour Canadians with disabilities and raise awareness of the critical need for accessibility and inclusion for all in our Town.

Accessibility for all is an important matter for the Town of Carleton Place.  Achieving accessibility standards and continually trying to improve accessibility is an ongoing challenge that the Town takes very seriously.

Although there is still much work to do, National AccessAbility Week is an opportunity to highlight accessibility improvements that are coming to Carleton Place in the future and to celebrate the achievements that have been made in Carleton Place over the past year.

In the past year, the Town has achieved the following progress in its accessibility standards:


  • Implementation of Virtual City Hall e-commerce software which will allow residents to view and pay their taxes, utilities, dog tags and parking tickets online
  • PDF and Word document accessibility training for staff
  • Remediation of non-accessible documents on the Town’s website to ensure accessibility
  • Inclusion of Accessibility for Ontarians for Disabilities Act (AODA) requirements in Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Updated Multi-Year Accessibility Plan covering the years 2021-2025
  • Updated corporate accessibility policies
  • Election accessibility plan
  • The 2022 Municipal and School Board elections will be held via Telephone / Internet Voting which addresses most accessibility issues has people can vote from anywhere.  To facilitate the online voting experience, in-person voting would be made available at a Voter Help Centre for individuals without means to access voting via telephone or internet, or who require the assistance of a trained election official.


  • New ramp allowing direct access to the Barbara Walsh meeting room
  • New library shelving featuring slanted bottom shelves allowing easier viewing of materials and top shelves no higher than 5’
  • New universal bathroom
  • Training in creation of accessible documents
  • New Dyslexia-Friendly Collection: Decodable books for children

Public Works

Completed in 2021

  • Moore Street Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) at the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (OVRT) (County installed a PXO across Townline at OVRT)
  • Sidewalk depression at Lansdowne Avenue
  • Bell Street - road and sidewalk reconstruction (NOTE: we were not able to achieve 1.5 m clear travel width in several areas due to the location of the utility poles and the limited space of the pole to the property line)
  • Moffatt Street - road and sidewalk reconstruction from McRostie to High St.
  • Road reconstruction and repairs to sidewalk panels on McKenzie St., Miguel St. and Santiago St.
  • Mill Street - pedestrian connection from Judson to OVRT

Planned for 2022

  • Completion of Transportation Master Plan with heavy focus on Active Transportation and Accessibility
  • Emily Street - road and sidewalk reconstruction
  • Coleman Street at Park Avenue PXO
  • Morris Street - sidewalk extension to Napoleon Street
  • Moffatt Street - road and sidewalk reconstruction McKenzie Street to Townline Road
  • Repairs to sidewalk panels on Arthur Street, Morris Street, and Munro Street
  • Downtown sidewalk reconstruction including raising of the sidewalk to make as many entrances accessible as possible
  • 3 new Downtown PXOs
  • New Central Bridge including accessible sidewalks and observation areas


  • Upgrades to the arena front entrance with new accessible entrance and four additional change rooms that meet accessibility standards
  • The Recreation & Culture Department was successful in obtaining grant funding through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund, which will allow for the complete reconstruction of the Train Station Park, located behind the Active Living Centre (132 Coleman Street).  This new park will include a shade structure, accessible play structure, accessible picnic tables, and several pieces of fitness equipment for multi-generational use.
  • 2021 – Installation of play structure on Dunlop Road that meets CSA Annex H accessibility standards
  • Three (3) play structures will be upgraded in 2022 that will meet CSA Annex H accessibility standards along with safety surfacing which will meet accessibility standards.