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Special Council Meeting Highlights - June 30, 2020

A Special Council meeting was held at 6:00 p.m. this evening.

In March of 2019, the Town received notification through the County of Lanark (the flow-through funding agency for the Province) that the Town would be receiving $2,915,000 in funding from the Province towards an addition/renovation to the existing 3 Francis Street Childcare Centre. The entire project is required to be completed by December 31, 2020. The tender included a cash allowance in the amount of $250,000 to complete a renovation to the existing playground area in order to meet Ministry of Education regulations and install a new playground area to accommodate the spaces in the newly constructed addition. The playground plan was put out to tender to six (6) firms. Two (2) firms bid at tender closing with the lowest price being $463,748.90 plus HST. Staff has worked to reduce the scope of work to bring the project closer to the budgeted amount.  Council approved a request from staff for an additional $150,000 to allow for the playground component of the expansion project to be completed.  The $150,000 will be funded from Development Charges and/or Childcare reserves which currently stand at $918,669. 

Council scheduled a special meeting on July 21, 2020 to receive a presentation from Jim Bell Architectural Design Inc. of the draft architectural plans and a preliminary cost estimate for the Carleton Place Public Library interior renovation project.

Tenders were received for the Bridge Street Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrades until June 9th, 2020 at 2:00pm. The Bridge St. Pumping Station was initially tendered in 2019 and the submissions at that time significantly exceeded the amount of funds that had been budgeted. The second tender was modified to extend the duration of the project to an 18-month allowance for completion. Although there are still issues relating to contractor capacity, it now would seem apparent that the tender prices received are reflective of the value of this project. Council awarded Contract PW3-2020 for the Bridge St. Pumping Station and Forcemain Upgrades to JC Sulpher Construction Ltd. in the amount of $1,053,024.69 (includes Town’s net share of HST). The budgeted amount for this project is $900,000.00, leaving a shortfall of $153,024.69. There are also contract administration and inspection costs that are anticipated to be $110,000.00 which are not included in the above tender prices. Staff feels that all efforts to find cost efficiencies have been exhausted and this project needs to move forward. Council authorized staff to proceed with utilizing funds from the Sewer and Water Reserve to fund the budget deviation of $263,024.69 for the construction cost and construction administration services.

Council considered a report by the Public Works Director regarding Tender PW1-2020 – New McArthur Island Watermain Crossing, Gilles Bridge Rehabilitation, and Mill St. Pedestrian Connection Improvements.  The tender included:

  • The installation of a new watermain from Princess St. to Rosamond St, that will cross the Mississippi River by having insulated pipe attached to the Gilles and Mill St. Bridges.
  • Rehabilitation of steel girders and concrete abutments and replacement of deteriorated bearings, along with other minor repairs of the Gilles Bridge
  • The installation of a pedestrian pathway along Mill Street from the OVRT to Judson Street

Although there were numerous plan takers for this tender posting, the Town only received one bid for the project which is $1,666,724.99 over the Town’s budget of $1,613,000.  The works associated with this project need to be completed in advance of undertaking the Central Bridge Project. Staff and the Consultant have reached out to contractors that we anticipated receiving bids from and they have confirmed that they have no remaining capacity for a project of this nature in this calendar year.  Staff feels that the best approach would to be to defer this project, incorporate Bell Street back into the tender package for completion in 2021, and commence construction on the Central Bridge and Bridge Street in 2022.  Council agreed to reject the bid received in response to Tender PW1-2020 due to budgetary constraints and directed staff to proceed to reissue the tender as soon as possible incorporating Bell Street into the tender.  In addition, Council authorized staff to proceed with developing a revised schedule and communication plan to ensure all those affected by this development, including downtown businesses, private developers, utility companies, and the community at large, are aware of the Town’s plans.