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Swing, dig and play in one of our many parks and playgrounds.

ParksEscape from the everyday is easier in Carleton Place with over 15 parks and playgrounds to choose from.

Carleton Junction

The community's newest multi use community space. This park is in the middle of downtown Carleton Place adjacent to the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail. There is a pavillion with a stage and washroom facilities, a play structure, and seasonal recreation opportunities (an outdoor rink in the winter and a state of the art pump track in the summer)

Riverside Park, 175 John Street

This park is located on the west end of John Street and runs along the Mississippi River. It includes two boat launches, a beautiful beach, large picnic area, two play structures, and a splash pad for families.

St. James Park, 54 Bell Street

Located along the north side of the Mississippi River,enjoy sitting and watching the river flow by. This park is adult oriented, and features the Carleton Place Cairn, which consists of stones from 16 countries and is a Carleton Place treasure.

Centennial Park, 169 Joseph Street

On the north side of the Mississippi River, Centennial Park includes a place to swim, a picnic area, and a soccer field. This park also has a small dock for recreational canoe/kayak usage.

Hackberry Park, 91 Mill Street

ParksLocated on historic Mill Street this park features the rare and beautiful Hackberry tree, thought to be a legacy from our nomadic First Nations Peoples. Enjoy a picnic along the Mississippi River with a view of the dam.

Memorial Park, 36 Franklin Street

This park lies in the centre of town right beside the library, a perfect place to sit and reflect with the memorial cenotaph located in this park.

Anthony Curro Park, 42 Stonewater Bay

Located in the Mississippi Quays subdivision, the park includes play structures, swings, a basketball court, and a nature trail that runs alongside the river. This park also features an outdoor rink in the winter months.

Begley Street Park, 75 Neelin

This park is located behind the Carleton Place Arena and includes a play structure designed for all abilities.

Willoughby Park, 296 King Street

Located on King Street, Willoughby Park has a structure designed for all abilities. Carleton Place Dog Park, Edmund Street Located behind the Carleton Place Pool, this fully enclosed park also has bench seating and garbage cans.

Giles Park, 24 Lochard-Campbell Way

Coming soon

Commons Park, 132 William Street

This park offers play structures, a basketball court, and benches for parents.

Ferrill Park, 451 Thomas Street

This park offers a safe playground for children, complete with a variety of creative play equipment and lots of space for group activities.

Findlay Park, 48 Charlotte Street

This park combines a play area for children with a shuffleboard and benched relaxation area for senior citizens.

Hendry Farm Park, 274 Preston Drive

Located beside a natural backdrop of a wooded area, this park features a children’s play area with swings.

McNeely Park, 24 Alexander Street

Located in Mississippi Manor on Alexander Street, this park includes play structures, swings, large picnic area, and a basketball court.

Westview Park, 152 Dunham Street

This park includes a play structure for children, an adult basketball court, and a basketball court for children.

Johnston Street Park, 100 Johnston Street

Located on Johnston Street, this park offers a safe playground for children, complete with a variety of creative play equipment.

Town Hall Square, 15 Mill Street

Located just behind the Town Hall on Mill Street, Town Hall Square is situated right on the Mississippi River. Enjoy the newly established outdoor patio which includes; washroom facilities and life-sized chess, checkers and dominos court.

Disc Golf at Carambeck, 359 Bridge Street

Located in the open field beside the Carleton Place Pool, the Recreation and Culture Department are pleased to offer a beginner 3-hole Disc Golf course. Discs are available for loaning, please contact Carambeck to borrow a set (613) 257-1704