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SAM BAT: Baseball Bats In The Big League

Sam Bat is a must-see stop for sports fans searching for the exceptional.

SAM BATSam Holman hit a figurative home run in 1996 when he introduced the maple bat to the world. A game-changer for Major League Baseball (MLB) and the maple industry, Sam Bats are manufactured and marketed globally from Carleton Place by The Original Maple Bat Corporation.

Twenty years ago, most wooden bats were made from ash which splits far too easily. Since day one, baseball legends Joe Carter, Barry Bonds, Miguel Cabrerea, Jose Canseco, Albert Pujols and others have been hitting it out of the park with Sam Bats. Today, 75 per cent of all major league bats are made from maple.

Copycats? You bet! Of 21 MLB bats offered by Louisville Slugger, 16 are made from maple. But it was Sam Bat’s ‘Rideau Crusher’ that Barry Bonds used to achieve seasonal and career home run records.

Featured in the popular video game MLB: The Show, in real life Sam Bats are sold to every team in the league. Drop by the showroom during regular business hours to take in the baseball memorabilia, and purchase that special souvenir. Call ahead to book a factory tour, or rent a batting cage and test your skills with the best-crafted bat in the world!

Tours & inquiries: Kevin Rathwell

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