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Railway Memorabilia At The Wool Growers

Why does the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers house a railway exhibit?

Image of man examining woolThe answer to that offers a glimpse into our industrial history.

Lumber, the original driving economic force in Carleton Place, attracted railways – something had to move all that timber coming down the river and lake, out of Lanark, and to the rest of the world! The town became a railway hub, with a CPR roundhouse and repair depot at CCWG’s current location.

In 1939, CPR abandoned the site and CCWG purchased it the following year, selling off much of what was left for scrap iron while taking advantage of the still operating east/west train line to move wool to European markets.

Today, CCWG grades nearly three million pounds of raw wool each year in the former CPR roundhouse and operates both a fashion store (The Wool Growers) and a livestock supply and equestrian outlet. The Co-operative has also transformed the former engine room into a mini-museum of railway exhibits and memorabilia.

Shop, learn and experience Canadian history all in one place! Truly a unique, unforgettable experience.

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