Tenders and Request for Proposals

Request for Proposal and Tenders

Current tender opportunities for the Town of Carleton Place will be listed here.  Please check the closing date and time on the bid. All bid submissions must be received in a sealed envelope and date stamped at the Town Hall located at 175 Bridge Street, Carleton Place ON K7C 2V8.



Sealed tenders, clearly marked as to contents, will be received by
Dave Young, Director of Public Works, Town Hall,
175 Bridge Street, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 2V8 until:

2:00 p.m. Local Time, Monday, June 25th, 2018 for the following:

Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of High Street, Nelson Street East, Henry Farm Subdivision, Part of William Street, Part of Mississippi Road, and Removals and Installation of Sidewalks and Asphalt Pathway.

Work includes replacement of catchbasins and leads, storm sewer installation, reconstruction of roads and concrete curb and sidewalks on various streets and asphalt pathway installation within the Town of Carleton Place.  

Major tender items of interest are as follows:

Road Excavation (3,607m³)
Granular “A” (3,294 tonnes)
Granular “B” (4,980 tonnes)
Hot Mix Asphalt, Performance Graded Superpave (4,504 tonnes)
Storm Manholes and Catchbasins (28)
Storm Sewer and Catchbasin leads (193.1m)
Concrete Sidewalk (996.1m²)
Concrete Mountable Curb and Gutter (612.9m)
Concrete Barrier Curb (643.3m)

Drawings, specifications and tender form are available only from
196 Bronson Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1T 6H4
Phone: 613-236-0488
Fax: 613-238-6124
E-mail: oca@oca.ca 

The lowest of any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Dave Young, Director of Public Works 
Town of Carleton Place 
175 Bridge Street
Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 2V8
Phone: 613-257-2253
Fax: 613-257-8170
E-mail: dyoung@carletonplace.ca 

The Town of Carleton Place intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the website at www.las.on.ca.