Committee Vacancies

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Committee Vacancies

Each year, the Striking Committee of the Council of The Town of Carleton Place prepares an Annual Report regarding the composition and membership of various Boards and Committees of Council.

Examples of local Boards include the Police Services Board and the Library Board.

Committees of Council include:

  • Recreation
  • Heritage
  • Child Care
  • Accessibility
  • River Corridor/Urban Forest
  • Environmental, and
  • other Committees as required

Members of the public who are interested in serving as a member of any of these Boards or Committees may submit a covering letter of interest and their resume to the Clerk at any time during the year.

Should a vacancy occur, letters of interest can be reviewed by the Striking Committee.

The Annual Striking Committee Report is usually presented to Council for approval near the end of each year.

129th Council Striking Committee Report