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Internal Committees and Boards

Internal Committees are those for which Council has a direct funding responsibility. Internal committees are established by Council and to represent Carleton Place on a variety of matters that impact the municipality. 

2018-2022 Term Council Member Committee Appointments: 

Members of the public who are interested in serving as a member of any of these Boards or Committees may submit a covering letter of interest and their resume to the Clerk at any time during the year.

Should a vacancy occur, letters of interest can be reviewed by the Striking Committee.

Parks and Recreation Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee has responsibility for the planning and operating of all Town buildings, parks and trails owned by the Town including the arena, pool, sports fields, tennis courts and other facilities and programs related to physical activities. 

Staff Contact: Joanne Henderson, Manager of Recreation and Culture

July 26, 2021 Parks and Recreation Agenda

Child Care Committee

This committee shall oversee all municipal child care operations including its facilities.  Members ensure the continuing provision of quality child care programs to all children, and expand programs as appropriate.

Staff Contact: Tracey Friell, Manager of Child Care Services

Municipal Heritage Committee

The committee shall support the preservation or architecturally and historically significant buildings with the owner's cooperation, and support the continuing restoration of the Town Hall. Maintain a list of historically significant properties review and comment on any renovation projects proposed on properties on the above list.   

Committee Chair: Karen Prytula

Email: heritage@carletonplace.ca

Regular Meeting Time - Second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Carleton Place & Beckwith Museum

Environmental Advisory Committee 

The Carleton Place Environmental Advisory Committee provides environmental advice, recommendations and information to Council concerning all aspects of environmental issues related to public policies, programs and projects.

Committee Chair: Dena Comley cpeac@carletonplace.ca

Location - Carleton Place Public Library Boardroom

Agenda - April 2021

Municipal Drug Strategy Committee

To address alcohol and other drug problems through communication and collaboration across the four pillars of prevention, enforcement, harm reduction and treatment to meet the needs of the Town of Carleton Place.

Committee Chair: David Somppi

Urban Forest/River Corridor Advisory Committee 

This Committee provides Council with comments on river corridor activities and/or urban forest  and communicates with the Town Council/staff on proposed development and maintenance, which may affect the river corridor and/or urban forest within the Town.

Committee Chair: Jim McCready

Agendas - February 2021

Minutes - February 2021

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Committee shall advise the Council about the requirements and implementation of accessibility standards and the preparation of accessibility reports and such other matters for which the Council may seek its advice.

Committee Chair: Kory Earle

Library Board

The Library Board is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the Library and to provide quality library service for all sectors of the community.

Regular Meeting Time – Third Wednesday of the month or as determined by the Committee

Staff Contact: Meriah Caswell, Manager of Library Services

Police Services Board

To ascertain that the Town and the Provincial Police work to secure the safety of the people and property of the Town in accordance with the Ontario Police Services Act, and the Town’s agreement with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). And to periodically evaluate the status of that policing, its management and to hold accountable the OPP management if the policing and its costs are not carried out within the financial limits of our agreement with them and the Towns financial resources.

Committee Chair: Toby Randell

June 21st, 2021 Agenda - Please note, documents under the information/correspondence are available upon request. Please email stuffin@carletonplace.ca

September 2021 Minutes