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Building Services

Welcome to the new Building Department portal.  In this section you will find a wealth of useful information such as permit documents, fees, building code links, pool information, fence information and what items require a permit.

General Inquiries to be sent to buildingadmin@carletonplace.ca

Building Department Contact Information & Hours

Monday -Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Tuesday -Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday -Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Thursday -Thursday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Friday - Friday: 8:30am-4:00pm

Lennox Smith - Chief Building Official / By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: (613) 257-6214
Email: cbo@carletonplace.ca

Dave Norton - Building Inspector / By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone: (613) 257-6216
Email: building2@carletonplace.ca

Shelley MacKenzie – Building Clerk
Phone: (613) 257-6204
Email: buildingadmin@carletonplace.ca

David Ljubic  - Contract Building Inspector
Phone: (613) 257-6207

Building Permit Forms

Building Permit Fees

Deck Building Information

2012 Ontario Building Code and Building Code Act

What Requires a Building Permit (Residential)

  • All new dwellings, duplex, triplex, single detached, semi detached and other similar projects
  • All decks, landings, ramps, verandahs, and platforms regardless of size that serve a dwelling unit
  • Alteration of deck guard system or handrails on decks and platforms that serve a dwelling or freestanding structure over 10m2
  • Detached Sheds, garages and other accessory buildings over 10m2
  • Interior renovations (new walls and framing, insulation and vapour barrier, creation of new rooms and similar projects)
  • Alteration of plumbing pipes (movement of pipes, reconfiguration, tie in of new vents, new fixture creation and similar projects)
  • Temporary Tent placement on residential property for tents over 60m2 in area for special events
  • Window and door alterations and new installations (includes enlargement of exterior openings for windows and doors)
  • Parging and Waterproofing a foundation (blue-skin, dimple board, weeper install, stone over weepers and similar projects)
  • Changing of a sewer line from road to house
  • Change out of a HVAC furnace or installation of an HRV into an existing dwelling
  • Exterior Insulation of a house 
  • Basement Finishing 

What Requires a Building Permit (Commercial)

  • Exterior stucco or cladding removal and/or replacement
  • Alterations to sprinkler systems and fire alarm components 
  • Interior renovations to any existing units 
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Interior layout changes
  • All new construction (additions, new builds etc.)
  • Placement of a portable or prebuilt building
  • Foundation repairs 
  • Landing, deck, ramp and other exterior platform renovations, alterations and installations
  • Tent or group of tents over 60m2 in area
  • Barrier free alterations within existing units
  • HVAC alterations
  • Removal or addition of new exit doors, fire separations, firewalls, and other similar projects
  • Window and door alterations and new installations (includes enlargement of exterior openings for windows and doors)

What Doesn't Require a Building Permit

  • Re-painting 
  • Putting new siding on a house
  • Shingling a roof, putting steel on a roof (as long as you do not have more than 3 current layers of shingles)
  • Changing out a toilet, tap, or sink for a new fixture (using the same pluming piping or very minor alterations)
  • A free standing structure being built under 10m2 that does not directly serve a dwelling unit (eg. small shed, freestanding deck in a yard, etc.)
  • Painting
  • Changing of flooring on top of subfloor, laying carpet or vinyl
  • Kitchen cupboard changes and alterations
  • Landscaping
  • Changing of windows and doors in their existing rough openings that are currently in use (covered or buried in wall rough openings that are not currently in use do not qualify as existing)
  • Fences not in association with a pool permit

Fence Guidelines

  • Fences's do not require a building permit (unless installed in conjunction with a pool permit)
  • Fence’s cannot exceed 2.5m (8.2ft)
  • Fence height is measured from established grade (existing grade level) of the yard
  • Grade may not be adjusted only by the fence to gain extra height
  • Fences cannot be installed within 2.5m of a front property line
  • Fences cannot be installed within 2.5m of an exterior side lot line (facing a street)
  • Fences if on property line will require a signed agreement between both owners
  • Fences on owners own property does not require an agreement
  • Fences on own property shall have open space at the bottom to manage grass on the non accessible side of the fence.
  • Fences are not permitted to be erected on any easements
  • Fences should not be installed until final grading of new subdivision lots have been completed.

Pool Permits

  • Pools require a permit
  • Pool permit form
  • Please review the pool enclosure by-law here for all details about pool placement, fence requirements, location of pool equipment and more.
  • Site-plan for the pool required for all permit applications and must contain at minimum the following details:
    • Location of house
    • Property lines
    • Location of pool
    • Distance from pool to all property lines
    • Location of pool equipment
    • Fence location
    • Door locations in the fence
    • Address of the property

Sign Permits

  • Signs are required to have a permit as per requirements of By-Law 65-2008   
  • Sign permit application form
  • Required site-plan for the sign permit application must contain at minimum the following details:
    • Location of house
    • Property lines
    • Location of sign
    • Distance from sign to all property lines
    • Height of sign, width of sign, depth of sign, length of sign
    • Visualization of Sign Faces