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Winter Parking

Overnight Parking Ban

Overnight on-street winter parking restrictions which come into effect on  November 15th. 

In 2019, the Town of Carleton Place adopted overnight parking restrictions from November 15th to April 1st with the primary reason being the ability for Public Works to properly maintain the safety of our roadways throughout the winter season. This system also allows the Town of Carleton Place to optimize operational efficiencies and maximize our limited staff resources, from both the Public Works and Bylaw Departments.  Most Eastern Ontario communities (urban and rural) are using the same seasonal overnight parking ban concept including Arnprior, Mississippi Mills, Smiths Falls, and Perth.

Starting November 15th, 2020 through to April 1st, 2021, overnight on-street parking will be strictly prohibited between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., regardless of weather conditions, to allow for thorough and efficient winter maintenance operations.  The Town has a legal responsibility to provide safe roadways for our community and to maintain our streets and sidewalks in accordance with Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards.

Vehicles parked in violation of the ban will ticketed and towed to the Public Library parking lot at 101 Beckwith Street.

We appreciate your support and if you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 613-257-2253.

Fines - Should your vehicle be towed and ticketed, the fines are as follows:


Pre-Payment within 7 Days

Set Fine within 15 days

Parking on-street during ban hours



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did we revert back to an outright seasonal ban?

  • With a growing community it was becoming more and more difficult to make the post-2011 system work. Both Public Works and By-law staff tried their absolute best to work within the parameters they were given, however operationally it became too much of a burden on both staff resources and road safety.
  • Changing or incorrect weather forecasts led to having to Staff having to undertake snow removal operations without having a ban in place
  • Having Staff resources to post signage for snow removal operations and then collect signs after removal operations was problematic. Although this may not seem like a significant task, it has to occur when there is minimal staff available, as the Town has legislative requirements to meet regarding operator rest periods. Snow removal operations occur overnight
  • Staff either has to return when possible to deal with windrows left on the travelled portion of the road when plowing operations are required but the ban wasn’t imposed or they remain in place and can create a potential hazard.  These windrows are created by vehicles parked on the road due to no ban being put in place, so plows plow around them and when the vehicles leave in the morning, we have to clear away the snow left behind.
  • The By-law Enforcement Department had challenges in unplanned staffing requirements as By-law Enforcement staff is dependent on weather forecasts. Having a consistent winter parking restriction allows for planned enforcement efforts.
  • Organizing towing operations has continued to become more of a challenge with limited private sector towing resources being available and the fact that the timeframe when they are required by the Town is when there is a demand for their services through CAA and other clients.
  • The Town is absorbing significant costs associated with towing vehicles in violation of the ban. When this system was adopted in 2011, the Town agreed to cover towing costs on a trial basis. This issue has not been revisited since it was originally implemented. During the 2018/2019 season, the Town’s towing costs were in excess of $5,000.
  •  Although considerable staff efforts continue with respect to notification when the ban is imposed, By-law staff continually deal with complaints when tickets are issued as individuals indicate they were not aware of the ban.

2. I have no where to park other than the road, what do I do with my car all winter?

For the past 7 years, there have been on-street parking bans issued when the forecast called for snow events of 7 cm or more. We suggest utilizing the same plan for past events for this upcoming season. If that is not an option, talk to neighbours, family and/or friends to see if they can accommodate you overnight during the restricted season